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a week ago exactly, had asked you us about the Android UI that you prefer. Indeed, user interface, sometimes simply called UI, is different according to the manufacturer. Here is finally the answer to our survey! And beware there’s a little surprise since TouchWiz and Android Stock share the first position with 28% of your votes.

TouchWiz and Android Stock

with more than 1200 votes (number of votes at the time where I write these lines), we got a perfect Stock Android with TouchWiz equality. This result is a testimony to the diversity of Android users and the dominance of Samsung on the market. One thing is certain: the debate was lively!

androidpit FR sondage interface preferee
TouchWiz and Android Stock at the elbow to elbow. © AndroidPIT

on the one hand, Android Stock is the base of Android interface. In principle, it also allows to receive updates more quickly. “Android Stock is simple and intuitive, without unnecessary features and thousands of submenus that are hiding everywhere. We’re going to the basics, everything is nice and clear.”according to curtain.

On the other side, TouchWiz (whose term has officially disappeared there is little ) is the antithesis of Android Stock with a different and more colorful interface. For Redouane, for example, “Touchwiz is more effective and useful for different functions”. 

AndroidPIT Galaxy S7 Edge vs Pixel XL 0284
Android Stock (left) vs TouchWiz (right) © AndroidPIT

I leave the final word to Jerome69Paris “for me there is no the best interface natively, it is a mixture of a launcher (Nova for me) and modules X-Posed (Gravitybox among others).” It’s only at this point that Android is really the point, complete and more enjoyable to use. “I don’t understand that either Google or Samsung not more complete their interfaces by adding the possibilities offered by the launchers and modules X-Posed, even if it put them in a menu ‘Advanced’ for connoisseurs.”

Are you surprised by the results?

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