Google put sticks in the wheels of Tizen?

one of the most anticipated new arrivals at Samsung, is my divorce with Google because of the appearance of Tizen. The Korean operating system is currently used on multiple devices (mainly of the smartwatches) but further popularize the place in competition with Android and iOS. Google could slow down its development.

as said The Korea Times , the Fair Trade Commission (FTC) South Korea wants to know if Google has tried to slow the development of Tizen, the Samsung system.

At the center of this investigation is agreements signed by Samsung and Google in 2011. The first, known as the Mobile Application Distribution Agreement (MADA), requires Samsung to put Google as a search engine on its smartphones, and also forcing it to pre-install Google (Google Play, Gmail, etc.) services/applications on its Android devices. Another agreement, Anti-Fragmentation Agreement (AFA), prevents Samsung to create its own operating system based on Android.

It is not logical to make an agreement to prevent someone access to an open-source project

what do you think?

This second agreement is quite interesting. If AOSP (open-source Android project) is really open source, why could Google say who can access or not? This is the question asked by the FTC. According to her, this would have prevented the development of Tizen (since it cannot be based on Android), and would explain why the Android applications are incompatible with the South Korean system. Google in Korea spokesman spoke on the topic:

“Android is a platform open source.” Our agreements with our partners are entirely voluntary, anyone can use Android without Google. The Android operating system can be downloaded for free. It can be modified and used to create a phone. Many companies have used the Android source code as the basis of their operating system.”

In this case, what value would the AFA agreement? The question arises. We’ll see how the investigation ends. You, Samsung has reason to complain? And especially, do you find it strange that he not did it earlier?

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