Google offers to download the February 2017 security patch

Google took February security patches to fix a flaw that allowed to execute code remotely on the Qualcomm processors.

the patch of the month of February for Android security fixes many vulnerabilities, some more important than others. Indeed, the driver chip dedicated to encryption in Qualcomm knows processors a loophole which allows to execute code remotely.

dangerous but untapped vulnerabilities

to the attention of Google, no exploitation of this flaw was found among consumers. But it can affect many recent devices. That is why we hope that manufacturers will quickly deploy this hotfix on the affected devices.

other vulnerabilities, or moderate, critics have also been sealed. These include many components such as the Nvidia graphics chips or still screens HTC .

download the update

at the moment, only Google and Blackberry offer these fixes. For the latter, just check if new updates are available in the relevant tab of the settings. The owners of a unit ‘Made with’ or “Made by” (Pixel and Nexus), Google can download OTA since the Google site .

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