Getting started with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3: a tablet with S - Pen and stereo sound

create a good camera takes time. The S2 Tab was presented at the end of 2015 and it’s only 18 months later we were finally able to see the S3 Tab either at MWC 2017. It will be available for purchase at the end of March, but the prices are on the rise. Check out our first impressions and new features of this unit in our grip.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 – Release Date and price

that’s about 18 months that Samsung introduced its Tab S2, it was in September 2015. This year, a new model arrives in stores: you can choose between a version with SIM card and a version without. Of course, if you are using your tablet you you probably need not SIM card / 4 g. 

The final price of the device has not been mentioned, but it should be around 700 euros. The Galaxy Tab S2, it will remain in the shops and will see its price decrease. It is important to note that if the S – Pen is included in the price, the keyboard, on the other hand, won’t be free for pre-order, then it cost 129 euros. 


Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 – Design and finish

the design has not changed since the Galaxy Tab S2, we find for example the 9.7 inches diagonal. This new Tablet also uses the iPad (4:3) format, which is rather convenient as when you hold the camera in that horizontal vertical manner. The frame is made of metal and a layer of Gorilla Glass 4 takes care to protect the unit. The Tablet is not waterproof.

The Home button remains mechanical and continues to shelter fingerprint reader.

AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Hands on MWC 2017 5731
here is one of the elements presented by Samsung at MWC. © AndroidPIT

the Galaxy Tab S3 brings together all the forces of the Samsung tablets: even the S – Pen and the Bluetooth keyboard are supplied with the unit when pre-orders but beyond the keyboard will have to be purchased separately. This means that you can even use your device as a graphics tablet with 4096 levels of pressures, such as a digital Notepad, or simply as a small laptop. Thanks to the software modifications that I addressed below, the Tablet is optimized for multitasking.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 – screen

why improve what is already great? High-definition (1536 x 2048 pixels) screen has been preserved, and we get a pixel density of 264 ppp for 9.7 inches. The Super AMOLED allows a very good contrast and very bright colors. The 4:3 format have black bands at the top and bottom when you watch videos. Your smartphone can become a very good reader of ebooks when you hold it vertically.

The S3 Tab is entitled to its S – Pen. When you use it, the appearance of tacile at the level of the skin is disabled, which means clear that you can no longer use the screen with your fingers when you use the S – Pen.

AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Hands on MWC 2017 5727
a good screen now works with a stylus. © AndroidPIT

this Wacom pen supports 4096 levels of pressure. In the drawing program, calligraphy is possible and quite complex drawings did rather well in our grip.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 – software Interface

Samsung has pre-installed on Android 7.0 Nougat with Grace UX interface. Android 7, we find of course features handy such as multi-window mode. The latter was already present on ancient tablets from Samsung but has been optimized, more applications are compatible with this function. We therefore expect a better user experience, we will see in our final test if the result is up to our expectations.

AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Hands on MWC 2017 5664
my tablet will be successful? © AndroidPIT

Samsung has placed Samsung Flow on this tablet. You can easily share your 4G connection with your computer, where you have also installed Flow top. SMS messages and other notifications are then also displayed on the PC. In addition, you can thus unlock Windows 10 with the fingerprint of your Tablet reader. In theory, of course, because the practice is still to be tested.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 – performance

the material in this unit should ensure performance to the same level as those of the Galaxy S7. The Tablet is addressed especially to the gamers because graphics performance are relatively good, allowing to run any game without seeing slowdowns or overheating.

Thus, it makes sense to offer the game features found on some other high-end devices of the brand, and even on the new Galaxy A3 and A5 . This mode allows for example to block notifications in order to not be bothered when you play, or even to record your screen to share your journeys of game with your friends.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 – sound quality

the four speakers at H & K Tochter AKG allow sound good, at least according to the video. When you turn the screen, speakers adapt to the level of the sound. We will be testing this in our full test to get an idea of the true potential of these speakers AKG.

AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Hands on MWC 2017 5679
Harman & Kardon guarantee a good sound. © AndroidPIT


Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 – camera

generally, the camera is not the element that motivates you to buy a Tablet so it is often left somewhat aside by manufacturers. This isn’t the case here, because Samsung has not placed too low quality material. At the rear we find a 13 megapixel camera instead of the 8 megapixels that we find in the S2 Tab. The opening is once again f/1, 9. On the front we find a 4.7 megapixel lens and an opening f/2.2, allowing video conversations on Skype in Full-HD.

These cameras allow to take quality pictures? The camera on the front offer good results, especially in the event of bad light? We know that having a more complete test.

AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Hands on MWC 2017 5690
the main camera has a goal of 13 megapixels. © AndroidPIT


Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 – autonomy

the S3 Tab battery has a capacity of 6000 mAh, allowing you to watch movies during 12 hours. Thanks to rapid charge (Adaptive Fast Charge) by C Type USB port, the device can be fully charged in 170 minutes.

Of course, what promises the manufacturer is not always faithful to reality. This is the reason why we test our smartphones on at least a week to really get an idea of the autonomy of the unit and not through something that deserves to be highlighted in our test.

AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Hands on MWC 2017 5685
inside, we find a 6000 mAh battery. © AndroidPIT

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 – specifications

    • ">
    • size:

    • 237.3 x 169 x 6 mm

    • battery capacity:

    • 6000 mAh

    • screen size:

    • 9.7 inches

    • screen technology:

    • AMOLED

    • screen :

    • 2048 x 1536 pixels (264 ppp)

    • front camera:

    • 5 megapixel

    • rear cameras:

    • 13 megapixel

    • Version Android:

    • 7.0 – Nougat

    • User Interfacer:

    • TouchWiz

    • internal memory:

    • 32 GB

    • removable memory:

    • microSD

    • Chipset:

    • Qualcomm Snapdragon 820

    • maximum clock frequency:

    • 2.15 GHz

    • connectivity:

    • HSPA, LTE, NFC, Bluetooth 4.2

first verdict

thanks to the additional equipment (particularly the S – Pen) and to the software interface which was really much worked, the S3 Tab seems to be a very nice evolution from the S2 Tab. Best speakers can be useful for watching movies in bed. In our final test we will look obviously more in detail the features of the S – Pen and try to use the Tablet as a laptop on a daily basis. From there to restart the Tablet market, there is a step that I would not dare to cross.

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