Freelabster, 3D printing collaborative [partie 2]

in the first part of this article , I introduced the 3D printing platform community Freelabster .
The scenario took place until the validation of the order.
This second part takes a little before the break, before continuing I offer a summary of the previous episode.

contacted by one of the Freelabster team to discuss a presentation of the startup item, I decided to order a box for a Raspberry Pi, history to stay in the subject of the blog.

after a presentation of Freelabster and the challenge of printing 3D than he has proposed teaching Baker, I added videos explaining how the Freelabsters (3D printers) are certified.

I found the Thingiverse case on and I chose it because it allows you to mount a fan of 30 mm. I was in stock and it can be useful to push a bit a Raspberry Pi in frequency.

after transferring the files. STL corresponding to the background and lid , chosen parameters (material, colours…) Freelabster has calculated a price (probably depending on the volume of material used?) and offered 3D printers, each indicating the price of the operation (which may be different from the calculated price). I made my choice and validated one of the printers.

I therefore validate my order of box of Raspberry Pi at ISA3D that offers me a slightly lower price than what was calculated. Visiting the site has reassured me, a reseller of 3D printers and hardware for 3D printers. He must know my case…

my logbook indicates now that I’m in contact with Freelabster ISA3D and I can talk with him through this page.

the cell your project indicates that 2 files but the link which is below Details of the files does not work 🙁 in Transaction the link your Bill displays the invoice below:

I paid €16.50 while the Bill mounts eventually €15,30… What happens to the €1,20 too perceived? I do not know…

in section E-mail Jean-Luc, my printer, keeps me abreast of the progress of its print jobs and propose even pictures of my camera! Here they are:

to the upper part of the housing, the one who will receive the fan and:

for the lower part, with the brackets to fix the Raspberry Pi.

there is even a view with the two parts of the housing together.

it’s Saturday morning, everything is ready and my package is in the mail!

the printer has to validate that the delivery was underway because I have the validation of order button that appeared.

I also found my euro missing twenty. He appears in credit. It also is to follow after the closing of the transaction. I wonder if this amount going to have or be repaid on my Paypal account. The overpayment is not my doing but due to cash prior to the conclusion of the sale. It also it saddens me a little 🙁

the package was posted Saturday morning as had announced me Jean-Luc, my ‘printer’, and as it is stated on the label Colissimo. I expressed a doubt as to the destination address that was posted because it was my personal address and not the delivery point chosen.

as sister Anne , not seeing coming it I’ll hold… I won’t spend every day at the point of withdrawal to see if the package has arrived… When I order on other sites, I am notified when the material is available… I’ll hold still… No email, nothing. This morning (Thursday, February 2) I contact the printer via the dashboard and it tells me the package is available at the point of withdrawal according to the tracking number (which I didn’t!). I’m off to the grocery store on the corner ( Street 🙂) which confirms that the package arrived Tuesday, January 31 🙁

Damned! It’s Thursday! This is still a possible improvement, systematic sending follow-up to Customer No…. The package by hand I go quickly to discover what it contains ( the English call it unboxing ).

packaging and protection

well, here it is this package 😉

resistant, adhesive Carton wide to maintain closed borders, nothing to complain about.

nothing to do, to open play of cutter.

styrofoam chips appear, there are on both sides of the package. The print box is well protected in the middle.

inside a packaging foam protects printed items.

all garnished with adhesive ( you will notice that I quote no brand 😉) and well maintained.

Ahhh that’s the case! I like the colours well.

it’s not bad, no?

the side video output power, HDMI, / my

you see on this picture different layers deposited by the printer.

the Raspberry Pi 3 card is perfectly positioned on fixation and holes under the edge to keep it.

it seems to be consistent, the two parts of the housing are connected perfectly.

the result is satisfactory, I’ll post the receipt of the order. Return to the dashboard .

a window application have you received your order? and a button to post the receipt. I click on the button validate the RECEPTION .

as this operation is irreversible, it must be confirmed that the project has been received. After a short time this window appears:

the order is marked archived . She does not appear in the tab archived commands right away, it will be a disconnection and a re-login before the project is visible in this tab (below).

link details of files does not work, can’t see the files we sent.

scheduled for a 30 mm fan the upper part of the housing has an opening and four holes that there still are perfectly matched. The cover above the GPIO is open on the part that will receive the fan connector.

for more CPU/GPU will have a radiator with fins, the memory will receive a flat radiator, but that is another story…

… but could do better…

If you follow the blog, you know that when things are going I say, but when it’s not, I also 🙂 Freelabster, a still young since startup created in July 2016, offers a printing service full 3D, from design to production. We can actually do model my piece by a designer stored on the platform. The platform is remunerated by collecting a percentage of the transaction.

if overall the result is satisfactory: networking with printer, deadlines, quality… the devil is in the details. We also understand that the small team that develops Freelabster a lot to do and that the site is not necessarily the priority. It is, however, the interface to which the client rubs. If it is as grumpy as I, he quickly to close the page and go elsewhere. For this article I kept the process to the end despite several points which, otherwise, would have made me leave the site 😉

the following are the details that bother me ( that’s just me 🙂), at Freelabster to respond to improve the’ user experience.

  • in the first place it makes sense to register which seems to me not… He must complete my order before they ask for “additional information” that are actually used to create the account.

  • importing the files to print is not the point. I had two identical files, either a single file when I imported two.

  • the choice of material is tricky when we know not the PLA, ABS, resin… Why choose one over the other? As points of mark supposed to provide assistance ( under the picture) do not work. Why not a summary page with the intended use of the project, the recommended material, the advantages and disadvantages… Or so a ‘virtual expert’ that a questionnaire form advises the client the best solution? Longer to develop, this solution could facilitate the choice of the customer.

  • why say that Freelabster will find the owners of local printer , display a map… While the proposals come from the France. Even if the printer accepts the withdrawal of the on-site, that will do 300 Km to fetch 4 grams of plastic?

  • Why calculate a projected amount and make him pay to the customer if the printers may request a different price? In my case, I paid €1.2 too which certainly appear in credit… Bin… I had not asked to give them these €1,2, to me! They become what? Finally the answer was in the terms of use (terms of use) that I had not read before ordering… You read them, you?

  • the last thing: it would be nice if when the printer shipped the piece printed, it fills the tracking number before you post the shipment. Thus the customer would be the ability to “draw” my package and to look for upon delivery.

finally Freelabster it is a good idea. It becomes possible to create and print online with short deadlines. The youth of this platform explains a few that I have met and concerns which should be corrected.

we tested certification Freelabster

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