Freelabster, 3D printing collaborative [partie 1]

I was contacted by a member of the Freelabster team to talk about the project. To be in the actual conditions, I chose to make a case for a Raspberry Pi (2 or 3) used for testing, and as I’ll push a little frequency I opted for a case supporting a 30 mm fan (I have in stock).

choice of the piece to print

on Thingiverse I chose this box that is available with several covers, accepting sizes of 30 mm and 40 mm fans. It has openings for the movement of air. I download the files (in the form of a zip). The difference between Pi 2 covers and Pi 3 is the location of the cut to see the LED… I’ll take so a background of Pi 3 and a cover of Pi 2 😀

simple STL file viewer allows you to be aware of what will be printed. We can make turn the piece and watch it from all angles…

order on Freelabster

the choice being made I waited Friday late afternoon to place my order. Well Yes, I did it on purpose 😀

to tell you, I struggled a bit to place my order because I wanted to create an account and… I didn’t know how to do 🙁. Looking at the home page there is no link to create an account.

click on the button start from the left window to start the process… At the bottom right of the page there are a call button which allows to ask questions. Is not the real time Chat but I questioned the team Freelabster about account creation when I was a little lost… and I got an answer quickly, with a copy in the form of mail. Reactivity is so good on this side…

we’ll then deal (uploader) (s) file (s) on the site: you can either drag the files or click on browse and get the files in the tree. This is the option I have chosen.

I selected my two files and clicked the button open .

the files are loaded, analyzed and the volume of material is calculated.

we then have to choose the material in which the object will be printed. For a case of Raspi is not decoration 🙂 I choose so use .

here we’re going to access the selection of the material. Either on the above simplified screen…

is on screen more complete but probably less accessible if one starts. I would have liked more info, so I clicked on the question marks (with Chrome and Firefox) but nothing showed… I wouldn’t know so no more 🙁 are going to keep it simple, I choose an impression in ABS.

on the other hand should be found somewhere and accessible way a description of the different materials and their use. This isn’t because I want to print an object I know the ABS, the ABS HD, PLA, PLA HD etc. Why choose one over the other?

a map centered on Dijon appears and tells me that Freelabster search printers for me… I would have liked to know if they had found printers close to home… But nothing appears… Why post this card then?

it doesn’t last very long and here are my parts to print… UH… There’s twice the same file! I check on my screenshot (a little higher on this page) that I had selected my two files different before clicking on open … Aye! apparently there is a pt’ little bug on this download. To get to the bottom I remake the manipulation a little later with another browser, this time only the first file will appear… Not the second! Need to revisit this page 😉

Note that the encryption of the impressions is made and appears to the right of each line.

so I manually delete one of the two files (-1)

and I added the second by clicking on the banner Add a new print … This time it works! Double-check that the displayed files are those that you want to print…

for each room you can choose the color. I like the colors that pop! I chose yellow and red.

I add in the comments area that the color is not paramount.

button continue is located at the bottom of the page. Before we get there we propose to add 4 euros for a finish Premium … Here it annoys me a little… It’s like on these sites that offer insurance, fast delivery, a little more… I always feel I am told “ well, you got well done your order my guys! We’ll try to get two or three more slot «…»  You guessed 😉 I won’t finish Premium! You should have told me before!

and… Once the order has been made, we wonder further information: it’s here that is registration. So these are not additional information, this is essential information! I have been a little disturbed by this method. I walk a lot on the net, and generally the first step it is the creation of an account, then the command… Here it’s the opposite!

I find the requested information, I check the checkbox on the General conditions ( you read them, you? []) ) and I do continue .

here’s my order is ready. Have to choose the delivery. By default we propose a delivery (€2). Yes knowing 😀 the relay point Colissimo and Chronopost fits me well. And it’s down to €0.50 🙂 delivery prices

I choose a base not far from home. I’ve ticked off hand delivery, but I don’t know to order stage if there is a printer close to me and if it agrees to return the objects by hand…

this is the summary of the order that appears. Well, for delivery the sum is good but… not address: that’s my address personal and not that of the relay point… We’ll see at the reception of the package 😀 here in passing ( see above my response 🙂) If you want your project either Treaty in priority it will make € 5 more ( was with me before 😀)

hey, you get when paying… I use Paypal to pay € 16.5 that will cost me the box.

the Paypal payment window opens and I identify.

and I pay by clicking on the button pay .

it churns a few moments…

and coming up on this page in the tab pending orders where is my order number followed by looking for Freelabsters .

on my Paypal account verification: the sum has been removed. I return to the page of the Freelabster site.

a message (right) tells me to stay connected because the Freelabsters could ask me questions and in the left part of the window a message tells me that the Freelabsters candidates will appear here. Good dough I do as I’m told… I’m in standby mode. It’s 5:45… Well I’ll drink a cup of coffee and browse duck PC Hardware to wait.

it is 18 h… I will not repeat coffee otherwise I sleep… here there is some curl. I’ll take a…

it is now 18:15. I’ve been waiting on this page a half hour and… nothing, nada, zilch! Well, the article on Intel in duck PC was interesting 🙂 I leave the page open and I’ll look elsewhere if I’m 🙂 – I’m in Firefox 50.1.0

and here looking at the mail box, surprise! I received answers a few moments apRES have validated the order but the page on which I was expecting… did not change 🙁

in the Freelabster smartphone app, printers are notified when there is a command. I think that those who receive it correspond to the criteria chosen by the customer. The reactivity of the printers has been very good but I didn’t appear their offers.

I open a message that tells me just that I received an offer. The button project opens a new page on the site.

actually 7 printers offer me their services.

  • 4 display the price that the site had calculated me €16.50 (and levied on Paypal!)

  • 2 displayed a higher price €26,10 and €40,50

  • 1 displays a price more low €15,30

each put a message in support of its offer.

on this example of message we see if the phone number has remained (I blurred) however the e-mail address of contact with the printer has been replaced by a *!

I read the comments but hey, the lowest price holds my attention 😀

given the length of this article, I chose to split it into two parts. The command of the case investigated in this first part

I have noted a number of points that bother me a bit, you will find the summary in the conclusion of the second part of this article, in which you will discover how the customer is in contact with its “3D printer”, as well as images of the received box.

read the second part of this article.

we tested certification Freelabster


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