Facebook: how to turn off the sound of the video AutoPlay

Facebook announced a huge change for its mobile application: now, AutoPlay videos also have their default sound. A change that is likely to be hurt-hosted, but not panic: you can turn it off. By following this tutorial, you can find your news feed as you prefer.

Facebook vidéo son

Facebook has naturally become the grandfather of modern social networks, having started the fashion market and existing since birth now. What does not have to evolve to follow the trend.

That’s why now it is focusing massively on video, the most popular format now on internet. For this, he announced today that sound would be now on on videos starting automatically on your news feed.

A change that can be disturbing in more than one. Also, here is how to disable the feature on the Facebook mobile app, to return to a slightly less noisy newsfeed.

Disable sound from videos AutoPlay

to turn off the sound of the Video Autoplay on the Facebook app, simply direct you to the “Menu” tab just to the right of your application. Once this is done, scroll down to see this:

  • click Settings

  • choose “Application settings”

you’ll find yourself on this Panel. To avoid that the videos don’t open with the sound, you just have to disable the option ‘sounds in the application.

Disable the AutoPlay video

both to put fingers in the settings, why can’t everything just disable video AutoPlay? You are sure to not be bothered by this change in this way. The setting is located on the same menu, clicking on “AutoPlay”.

from there, you can choose to restrict playback to a wi – fi connection (for save your package for example), or simply disable AutoPlay. No more worries then!

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