Facebook could offer (or rather impose) even more advertising

it is no longer a secret for anyone: If Internet is free is because advertising is everywhere. We often think of Facebook or Google, but a vast majority companies are attach a special importance in their business strategy. Facebook has decided to go one step further: the advertisement might appear in the videos.

it is obviously not new that Facebook uses targeted advertising by getting information through the mentions “I love”, the cookies of the browser etc. Whether we like it or not, advertising funds free Internet and it is not surprising to see companies like Facebook to enjoy. Only, there are different types of commercials: if it is not disturbing to see advertising executives that simply be ignored, it can be fast painful to have to see a pub without being able to pass it.

AndroidPIT Facebook app vs facebook lite
Facebook is the social network that is the most famous in the world. © AndroidPIT

you have probably already encountered this situation on YouTube: you want to watch a video and you must wait a few seconds. It is not death but it is painful, especially if the content isn’t interesting (which is usually the case). According to recode , a test phase is conducted by Facebook in the United States to place advertisements in videos of live streaming on its platform. Of course, this option is not for everyone and several conditions are necessary, but in the long-term it is not impossible to imagine pubs in many videos.

“Pre-roll” ads, that is to say that appear before your video, have never been very appreciated by Facebook. The latter would place so advertisements “mid-roll”, that is to say in the video itself. The reason is obvious: with ads pre-roll users may be annoyed by advertising and renounce the video so that with a video “mid-roll” it is much more likely that he will look at advertising in order to see the video to the end.

is the appearance of those ads on Facebook affect your use of the social network?

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