Distortion of sound of the Pixel issues addressed by the update of February

the February security update finally solves the problem of sound distortion affecting the Google Pixel and who asked many of the problems at Google in terms of customer service.

Google Pixel and Pixel XL are both very good Smartphone, but they suffer from a few problems. Google as well as trying to resolve them and this is one of those problems is finally finished for users of smartphones Pixel. One of the sound distortion .

a problem difficult to resolve for Google

Let’s go back, it is a little more than a month, a Reddit user had created a discussion where he showed that its Pixel and Pixel XL had a problem of sound distortion when the volume was up. He accompanied this a video showing this problem and it turned out he wasn’t the only one suffering from this.

and the problems continued , the Google service him exchanged repeatedly my smartphone and my wife without success, going so far as to offer to reimburse him for my camera. First thought was a software problem, then to a hardware problem, then again to a software problem. And it happens that he was indeed software since the February security update comes this problem and offer new functional speakers to the Pixel, even at maximum volume.

to prove the operation of this update, a user even filmed my smartphone before and after the update by showing the difference of sound that suffers more than no problem of distortion. You can find the video here .

this update puts end to close two months of problems and errors of communication service of Google who must feel relieved, as its users who will finally take full advantage of the speakers on their smartphone.


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