Critical Ops: a CS - free GO well thought


Critical Ops is a multiplayer FPS action game created by Critical Force Ltd. There are two game modes: “Defusing”, which is to prevent the terrorists from planting a bomb, and “Death Match”, PvP T errorist VS Counter terrorist. You can create your own servers in the menu “Create” and choose if you want to play with friends or in public. Then set the number of players and the card to use for the part. There are 5 cards designed for the tactic. To invite friends to a private game, simply give them the password defined by your care. The game features 5 different types of guns, 3 machine guns, 6 assault rifles, 2 rifles of precision (snipers), 2 rifles has pumps and 1 knife, all customizable via quests that you earn a variable sum to buy a crate containing a weapon skin.

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