Connected bracelets and fitness trackers: what to be careful before buying?

the fitness trackers are not all the same. Each sport requires its own accessory, you don’t mix towels with towels. We have identified several categories, and tell you what you should pay attention when you buy one of these devices. In addition, we want to don’t introduce some fitness trackers that we have tested. You then we give your opinion in the comments.


Fitness trackers for riders

would you like to count your steps and measure your pulse? Or simply want to maximize your time in order to win races? Training is the key, and some fitness trackers can ease your work.

You can fix them for example on your shoes, they analyze your running style and help you improve your time. They are often confused with simple counters but they can yet be very practical on a daily basis. 

AndroidPIT running
you can place the tracker in your shoe. © GraphicBlocks, AndroidPIT

Fitness trackers for swimmers

are you the type to make going back and forth for hours in pools? Then your fitness tracker must not only be waterproof but also be adapted to swim. This poses problems because it is difficult to make a fitness tracker waterproof, mainly because of connectivity: Bluetooth does not always work correctly.

Fortunately, some trackers are able to meet these conditions: they record your performance and help you optimize your technique and your time. Garmin is doing rather well in the material, for example with its 3 Fenix.

motorola moto g 2015 water
your tracker is really waterproof? Be sure to check. © ANDROIDPIT

Fitness trackers for triathletes

triathletes need in addition to a fitness tracker for the bike. Measuring the pulse is usually difficult because when the wrist is bent it prevents the light to the sensors of the wrists, which gives an approximate result. Belts of chest or heart rate in ear monitors are more convincing. Headphones The Dash, for example, allow to measure the pulse in my ear, but during our test we have not really been convinced by the accuracy of the results. Perhaps you know something better?

AndroidPIT dash smart earphones 6896
the tiny headphones The Dash are listening to your heartbeat. © AndroidPIT

Fitness-Tracker for health

your new accessory can also be simply an assistant who has no other function that ensure your well-being. Many trackers and other applications of health on your phone already perform this function, but they are only approximate when you want to analyze elements from your body, for example the analysis of sleep or even the extent of the heart or of the pace number.

I’ve used a fitness app

what do you think?

Further still, some may need VO2max analysis. Garmin explains what it is about site : “VO2 max is the maximum oxygen (in milliliters) volume you can consume per minute and per kilogram of your body during your performance. More simply, the VO2 max represents your athletic performance and is expected to increase as your fitness improves.” Such features can be quite expensive and so are not a priority for everyone.

AndroidPIT samsung gear fit 2 7
Dank 4 GByte internem Speicher und Bluetooth mutiert die Gear Fit2 zu einem portable Audioplayer. / © AndroidPIT

Fitness-Tracker with extras

exercise alone is not very fun. Many manufacturers admit it and adapt their products with special functions to solve this problem. The Samsung Gear Fit2 for example has a MP3 player function. Just like the Huawei Fit , it can also display notifications. Shows -compatible Android Wear 2.0 are also compatible with third-party applications.

If you can also change the strap into something more chic, your tracker can become a real gem on a daily basis.

AndroidPIT huawei fit fitness tracker 3801
the Huawei made displays notifications. © AndroidPIT

what are your favorite?

We want to concentrate more on the subject in the coming weeks. We need models of tests so we would like to know before ordering: with what fitness trackers do you have had good experiences? How much money would you be willing to invest in such an object? What would you say is the most worthy of interest tracker? Tell us all in the comments, will help us to offer good cameras to other readers.

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