Can Huawei P10 be a Samsung-killer?

in the absence of the Galaxy S8, Huawei took the Mobile World Congress to present its new high-end smartphones, P10 and P10 more Huawei. And both say it immediately, the Chinese manufacturer has done a nice job on its two models that appear very promising. To seriously worry about Samsung which should wait until the end of March to unveil the successors of the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge .

we had already written the previous weeks. The absence of the last flagship of Samsung at MWC was an opportunity for other manufacturers to develop. Huawei took advantage of Barcelona to show to the entire press but also to the users that the manufacturer was now playing on equal terms against Samsung. The press conference which was held in Barcelona was also special since the firm had denied access to many journalists because of too busy. It is how the BBC journalists were forced to follow the presentation since their smartphones on the lawns in front of room of Huawei. Proof that times have changed since the beginnings of the brand at the MWC.

There is ultimately nothing surprising in this. Year after year, Huawei has perfected its products and built its history. Huawei P10 is ultimately the most successful result of the manufacturer. The smartphone offers a very elegant design (special mention to the new original green color), photo of high level capacity (through a partnership with Leica renewed once again this year) and a data sheet muscular enough to fight against the best in the market.

AndroidPIT Huawei P10 Plus Hands on MWC 2017 142955
the press conference for the presentation of the P10 and P10 more Huawei was sold-out. © AndroidPIT

the right timing

first, Huawei has perfectly made use of the calendar. Last year, he had to wait until April to be unveiled Huawei P9. This year, the firm has understood the importance of the MWC and was able to present my successor before my biggest competitor Samsung presents the Galaxy S8. Result, the new smartphone from Huawei shares the head of the poster of the MWC with LG and its G6 and forget the absence of Samsung. In addition, the manufacturer Unlike South-Korea, the brand is on the rise and growing. For example, she’s no business behind it as can get Samsung since its Note7gate. 

the new smartphone from Huawei makes you forget the absence of Samsung at MWC

so yes, the manufacturer would not play the originality this year and offers a wise design. Surprisingly, Huawei even departed from my tradition by placing the fingerprint reader on the front of the terminal and either back. If some (including me) may regret that decision, it is also explained by the fact that Huawei is the Samsung Galaxy and iPhone users who offer this feature at the front. .

Everything you would expect from a high-end smartphone in 2017

the P10 Huawei also has nothing to envy to its competitors at the level of the technical features, and except surprise, nothing in the future Galaxy S8 .

As last year, the Chinese company set the photographic experience that provides the smartphone. Therefore, the partnership with the German specialist in photography was renewed. You will find on the back the same configuration as the Huawei Mate 9 with a double photo sensor system: one of 20 megapixels in black and white and another 12 megapixels for the colors. 

AndroidPIT Huawei P10 Hands on MWC 2017 5891
the partnership with Leica was renewed. The P10 should offer the same experience as Mate 9 in photos. © AndroidPIT

as the Galaxy S7, the Huawei P10 is resistant to water and dust. This isn’t an IP68 certification but a protection against splashes. What limit accidents already. Finally, Huawei has retained its autonomy of its flagship good by placing a 3000 mAh battery.

An almost immediate availability and an attractive price

Finally, it is mainly at the level of its availability and its tariff that Huawei P10 is the perfect killer Samsung. While the S8 should put the tip of my nose in the stores on April 21, the P10 Huawei will be marketed from March 24, a month in advance. Better, the smartphone will cost 100 euros (599 euros) cheaper than its competitor while offering a 64 GB storage.

The price of a flagship should not exceed 599 euros for the Huawei P10

what do you think?

Finally, the only element missing still from Huawei to more than shade with Samsung is still the image of the manufacturer. Stereotypes have it rough and Huawei still pays the image of a Chinese manufacturer whose products are little followed and poorly optimized. If these remarks could apply to the departure, this is definitely more the case today but only time can erase these ideas. Samsung has been there in my fight against the iPhone. There is no reason that Huawei is out the same problems.

How do you find this Huawei P10? Do you think that the smartphone able to shadow to the future Galaxy S8?

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