Best Android Launchers: our selection 2017

that is a launcher Android? It’s small applications that can be found for free or not within the Google Play. These require no complex manipulation to be installed. These are of simple utilities allowing you to change a lot of settings and renew the possibilities of your smartphone in terms of Visual rendering but also ergonomics.

launcher Android

The best Android Launchers of 2017

most of the launchers have to change the theme, the icons of the home and often to apply to new scrolling effects, to create shortcuts via custom touch gestures. For example, a double tap to access the smartphone settings while a triple tap launches an application. A slide of the finger in a direction opens a selected page and a ‘pinch’ or pinching movement allows access to a folder. Depending on the installed model it will be possible to optimize the graphics rendering or conversely to simplify so that performance should be given priority.

The main strength of an Android launcher is to allow an overhaul of the system so that it sports a look and ergonomics closer to its user. Prepare to spend a lot of time to customize because fortunately, there for all tastes, as much for beginners as connoisseurs.

Here’s a little recap of the best 2017 Android launchers. Of course, there are several dozen others and we offer here just a selection of those we pretend the most interesting, according to the use you want to make.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher

Let’s start with one of the best known, if not best-known. Highly customizable, Nova Launcher offers a new feature allowing to completely harmonize your icons, they come from different or not packs for a very short time.

The many options and settings are hidden within a very successful pitcher both in aesthetic practice. He approaches others very good launchers as Apex. Very ergonomic, it offers very useful features and is designed for the latest version of Android and works perfectly on smartphone as on tablet.

  • Many packs of icons and themes

  • customizable application drawer (dimensions, backgrounds,…)

  • Customizable interface

  • very fluid Scrolling

  • Themes Android 7.0 available

  • Themes for available on the Store

  • Play Nova


Action Launcher 3

is located in the top of the best launchers so Action Launcher 3 and, for good reason. Source of customization for any smartphone, adding a launcher such as this will allow to incorporate the Quickpages, blankets…

Many other functions are available that will improve the interface of your Android device. Action Launcher 3 allows several things.

  • Use through the drawer of applications

  • sweep applications to make them appear in widgets

  • fluid and infinite Scrolling

  • transforms your icons into folders

  • function QuickSearch

  • rename your folders is easy

  • change the font

  • hide status bar


Microsoft Arrow Launcher

arrow launcher

testimony of the interest of Microsoft for the OS Google, Arrow Launcher is a rather well designed Android launcher which should bring happiness to all maniacs of the organization. While the home screen allows you to view your applications, you can also define a multitude of home screens with your contacts, reminders, your documents and applications you use the most. Well recognized Microsoft paw and my taste for the organization.

Hola Launcher

Hola Launcher is a great launcher for Android which focuses on the essential and offers tons of cool shortcuts. While a double-tap lets you access the applications drawer, a sweep to the lower corner redirects you to the applications you use the most. You can also easily hide certain applications of the drawer without the need to uninstall them. This is especially useful for the apps preinstalled by the manufacturer . Customizable, it offers many themes and even a built-in weather app.

Go Launcher EX

Go launcher Ex

Go Launcher EX is the most famous and the most downloaded Android launcher. And because it is the most complete of all and one of the more obvious to pick up. It offers very many themes, transition animations, lock screens… There is something for everyone and there are really few chances so that you do not find what you are looking for.

Go Launcher Ex marries particularly well with all versions of the OS. It offers great 3D effects. One of the main drawbacks is a little too many ads.

  • Up to 15 icons in the dock with their appearance

  • management

  • use ergonomic and intuitive using touch gestures

  • option to select the page to home

  • management notification badges

  • shares to touch gestures

  • full customization of the notification bar

  • management pushed the Organization of applications ( no ranking in alphabetical order )

  • creating folders

  • very shop provided in themes, widgets, wallpapers…

  • Very complete customization

google play launcher

Apex Launcher

apex launcher

Apex Launcher appeared in 2012 is now one of the most popular pitchers. However, it is compatible only with devices powered by Android 4.0.3 or higher. Its great strength comes from its compromise between performance and usability . Therefore, it is relatively easy to use while offering a lot of content and many customization tools.

It also allows to hide everything that you do not want to use, but also to allocate 7 icons by dock on 5 pages and have up to 9 receptions screens. Finally, it is perfectly compatible with smartphones and tablets. It also available in paid version (€4.39) with additional adjustment tools.

  • Compatible with Android 4.0.3 and higher

  • up to 9 home screens

  • number of line and collomn configurable

  • up to 7 icons by dock and up to 5 pages

  • customization complete icons

  • different styles of drawers predefined

  • management touch gestures ( Swipe, Pinch, Double your p)

  • hiding unused items

  • many transition effects

  • saving and restoring of settings customized

  • Optimized for smartphones and tablets

  • Integration of widget Android in the dock ( version )

  • management notification badges ( paid version )

  • management of multi touch gestures ( version )

  • records merger ( version ) google play launcher

Smart Launcher 3

smart launcher 3

the main advantages of this version are the little resources required to run and the minimalist design it enjoys. Developers also wishes to make clear that the term “minimalist” is used for the interface, but are however a very many options!

Cataloging and automatic sorting of installed applications are also features that distinguish it from its competitors. The Smart Launcher 3 is designed for people with smartphones to 5-inch screens. With the Pro version you can among other things have a second screen allowing you to place widgets.

Smart Launcher features :

  • an original style to him

  • supports all screen types, from the smartphone to the Tablet through the Google TV.

  • Support packs of icons of the competitors: ADW Launcher, Apex Launcher, Nova Launcher and Launcher Pro.

  • Quick search.

  • Designed to be used comfortably, even in landscape mode.

  • Option to hide the status bar.

  • Effects of transitions

  • Quick

google play launcher

Next Launcher 3D

next launcher 3d

you can enjoy dynamic 3D effects with this very popular launcher that will radically change your interface to the best! The many effects that will make you travel in three dimensions do not exist at the expense of speed and the fluidity of the whole that remains exemplary. Here again there is a free version and a paid version which will give you access to more opportunities to make the most of the experience.

  • Many effects 3D with very fluid interface

  • management applications with configurable gesture

  • effects of transitions 3D and support for previews

  • Themes and funds of screens 3D included

  • customize yourself your icons (size, color, etc.)

google play launcher

Solo Launcher

millions of users have trusted, which is felt in my Solo Launcher very high notes. This Launcher will be your faithful companion in the company to redesign and interface customization classic Android that you currently wear. Very simple and fluid, the application is completely free but you can all still enjoy freedom of customization.

  • Free

  • quick and fluid Interface

  • great collection of themes and icons packs

  • Nice animations

  • Integration Google Now

google play launcher

Nokia Z Launcher Beta

Nokia Z Launcher

as all other capable pitchers to adapt to the user, it can take into account your habit to use but also what time it is so that it offers the best applications. services at the right time.

It can for example offer to launch Here Maps in the morning, before you are going to the office, in order to check the traffic. But the big plus of this launcher is the ability to write a letter that will activate an application on the display and show of hands. It’s still a beta, this version Z Launcher does not Widget but she was interesting enough to add it to this selection.

Google Play

Yahoo Aviate Launcher

yahoo aviate launcher

developed by Yahoo, Aviate, is somewhat a new way to use your smartphone. Applications are in the form of collections according to their activity to offer you what you need, where you need it. If you connect headphones , you will automatically access to media controls and your favorite music apps. If you hit the road, it will offer navigation applications.

Although quite minimalist interface is very convenient and allows you to better organize your applications. You can of course modify the collections manually or the suggestions made by Aviate trust.

Google Play

Launcher 8

launcher 8

you like interface to Windows Phone tiles? Then Launcher 8 is made for you. Thanks to him, you will be able to enjoy them on Android. Once then 8 installed on your smartphone running Google’s OS, it will look like a Windows Phone. As you can see in the demo, the illusion is perfect and the result is stunning. Of course, interface is customizable (color and size of the tiles) and you can add the features you want without forgetting the themes. A perfect mix between the look of Windows Phone and Android customization options.

Google Play

CM Launcher

CM Launcher

CM Launcher is developed by the same team that excellent CM Security and the inevitable Clean Master. Light, it weighs only 3 MB (it’s an advantage!) and is very fast. As for proposed features, these are rather interesting. It is customizable and most of all secure. It can block viruses and malware and protect your data and application data.

In addition, it makes your smartphone more ergonomic by categorizing your apps into folders based on your habits. The type of launcher that we would like to see by default on the overlays builders, both because of its fluidity as its features are many and that are not necessarily on the launchers.

Google Play

Buzz Launcher

buzz launcher

Buzz Launcher is not the best-known of its class, but it remains nonetheless appreciated by its users who are more than 15 million. Concretely, we love him above all for its customization options that remain since it allows you to change, not only the theme of your home screen but also the whole home screen. More than 800,000 different configurations are available for download. Suffice to say that you won’t have time to get bored!

Only small criticism that he could be, customization is so extensive that it becomes sometimes complex but enforcement remains quite easy to use and got it very quickly. An original launcher that goes further than its competitors in the customization and you can change the look of your smartphone as much as you want.

Google Play


aesthetically very successful, Apus is also particularly customizable. Many wallpapers, themes, icon packs, animatons and tools in order to always have a Cree last interface. APUs class automatically your apps into folders, intuitive gestures give you access to shortcuts.

The Free Swipe feature gives you direct access to phone and system settings. APUs is also provided with a performance Accelerator, a battery optimizer. A disadvantage however, advertising may be a bit too intrusive to the liking of some.


Google Now Launcher

google now launcher

Google Now Launcher was released end of 2013 after being a success on the Nexus 5. With this launcher by definition Android, you get a minimalist and efficient experience. Moreover, as its name suggests, the launcher integrates experience Google Now allowing access to activation by the command “OK, Google” or cards through a swipe of the finger. He brings an Android experience close to that of the Nexus.

  • activation by the sentence “OK Google”

  • voice command for texting, request a route or a song

  • faster access to the logical Google Integration engine of other products such as Gmail, YouTube and Maps Google

  • easily access your products and Google services such as Gmail, YouTube and Maps favorite.

google play launcher

For the less initiated, you will understand, many opportunities open to you and this selection of the best launchers of 2017 who represent only the visible part of the iceberg. If you use an Android launcher and you want to share with us, feel free to tell us in the comments. There are dozens, and most interesting are not always the most popular.

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