At the age of five and 12 million copies sold! Happy birthday, raspberry PI! [Full Guide]


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28 February 2017 no comment author: Jürgen (jdo)

the 28 February 2017 marks the fifth anniversary of the raspberry PI. Over 12 million of the tiny were sold. To celebrate this appropriately, PI Guy , of the raspberry has made a video. It can be five years pass in review.

you can bow is just full of reverence for this success and the raspberry PI contributes much to the spread of Linux. Some tinkering right wild things so as you can see in the video. Others use it only as a cheap multimedia system with LibreELEC and kodi .

the raspberry PI 3 offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. In the meantime, the tiny has become so fast that he conditioned as desktop can be used.  Not bad run a browser and LibreOffice. Benchmarks also show that the PI 3 in front of a PINE A64 does not need to hide. I continue to stick to it, prefer to buy me the original and not seemingly faster alternative . With the PINE A64 I have me just annoyed and never regret a purchase of PIs. But must decide each for themselves. The fact is that the PI has the largest community and’s answer almost all questions are. Someone has your problem 99% before and you can find help on the Internet.

the PI team to celebrate really nice, because they deserve it! Happy birthday, raspberry PI!

Nice PI-constellation

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you can gladly give your mustard to this post: here is the comments


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