A new screensaver for the Raspberry Pi

the Raspberry Pi Foundation is based in Cambridge. When we say “based in Cambridge”, this means that its offices are in Cambridge. But the link between the Raspberry Pi and Cambridge is much deeper than simple geography.

Raspberry Pi was created in order to increase the number of students in computer science at the University of Cambridge . The heart of the processor that drives the Raspberry Pi was also developed in this city by ARM , a company that has been successful and which has itself grown from Acorn , one of the pioneers responsible for the revolution of personal computing in the 1980s.

the original graphic processor VideoCore has been designed by Cambridge Consultants staff, one of the first companies of technical advice to the United Kingdom. They created a company called Alphamosaic to sell the VideoCore. This company was then acquired by Broadcom , whose engineers have improved the product to the version that handles multimedia of the Raspberry Pi.

are these same engineers who have set up the project “skunkworks” outside their working hours. This project became the Alpha of the Raspberry Pi card. When the Raspberry Pi Foundation was created as a charity and company, it seemed obvious that she must be domiciled in Cambridge. Most of its staff lives in or around Cambridge, and many of them are graduates of the University. Cambridge flows deep in the DNA of the Raspberry Pi: president David Cleevely likes to say that the history of the Raspberry Pi could not unfold elsewhere, and although this is not quite true, Cambridge has provided the environment that allowed him to thrive as he did. Very proud of its connection to Cambridge, the Foundation decided to celebrate.

a few months ago, Eben Upton and Simon Long watched the great videos from the overview of the city offered by Apple as screensaver on Apple TV. They said it would be great to make something similar to Raspbian and got the help of Cambridge Filmworks , experts in video shooting with drones, in which they asked to shoot a video showing the best elements of the architecture of Cambridge. The result is beautiful.

in the same vein, Eben and Simon have also thought it would be nice to have background images (wallpaper) for the office that showed the most beautiful views of the city and the University. The best photos of Cambridge come from Sir Cam , who takes pictures for the University which has very generously allowed the Foundation to access its archives. The selected images represent places that have a special meaning.

today ‘ today, the Foundation is launching the Cambridge for PIXEL theme pack: a video screen saver that shows the architecture of Cambridge and a set of wallpapers.

all this is entirely optional, these are just bonuses to improve the presentation of your desktop PIXEL, if you wish.

install wallpapers

 sudo apt - get install cantab-wallpaper 

wallpapers Cambridge – click to enlarge.

install the screensaver

 sudo apt - get install cantab-screensaver 

install both (video saver + wallpapers)

[$19459028]pi@raspberrypi:~ sudo apt – get install cantab-themed reading lists of packages…] Done building the tree of dependencies reading state information… Fact the following extra packages will be installed & amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; nbsp;: cantab-screensaver cantab-wallpaper libauthen-sasl-perl… libwww-perl lib www-robotrules-perl miscfiles xscreensaver xscreensaver – data 0 updated, 34 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not updated.

It is necessary to take 236 MB in the archives.

After this operation, 244 MB of additional disk space will be used.

Do you want to continue? [O/n]

Note that the wallpapers will be installed in the same directory / usr/share/pixel-wallpaper than the standard screen PIXEL background images. You can use the appearance settings dialog box to choose the wallpaper you want.

Note also that the screen saver is about 200 MB of video high resolution. Don’t install if your SD card is full or if your network connection is slow.

once you have installed the packages, you need to configure the screen saver. Go to Preferences > screensaver in the main menu and select the screensaver called ‘ Cantab ‘.

If you want to only use the Cambridge screen saver, in the drop-down list Mode choose only a screen saver . If you don’t do this, you will get a random selection of screensavers. You can also configure the number of minutes before the screen saver is activated in the lower part of the screen.

here is a short clip of this video:

with this built-in has Raspbian of a tool of standby screensaver. He will have to test whether it is possible to replace the video of Cambridge by another (.h264) to customize the display of the Raspberry Pi at will after a period of inactivity…

in is the video / usr/share/cantab-video / and in wallpapers / usr/share/pixel-wallpaper / .

Cambridge theme for PIXEL

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