7 Android applications known to test

the number of apps on the Google Play Store made one often passes on practical applications and useful as too obscure. It is often the case because we are more attracted to other more colourful and most famous icons. In this article, so we are talking of these applications that go unnoticed but yet offer services that can improve your user experience, or even your daily life. Try them! You will not be disappointed.


1. Spendee: to keep track of your expenses

how we fell on Spendee? It’s a good question, since we are talking about unknown applications. We were just on the Play Store a simple way, without much advanced features or adjustments, to keep track of our expenses. OK, I speak in the plural, but in fact it was I was looking for this application in an attempt to save money.

Spendee lets quickly connect you through Facebook (no boring records where you have to enter an email address, a phone number, or even your social security number) and immediately create your wallet. You can create multiple categories, enter your budget and start to record all your expenses. The benefits of Spendee? No ads and a nice interface in a modern and colourful style. What will help to monitor, and possibly cure, your shopping frenzies.

  • version of the app: 3.0.0

  • size of the app: 6,73 MB

  • app compatibility: Android 4.0.3 or more

  • business model: free with purchase – app

Spendee Install on Google Play

2. Flamingo for Twitter: the best alternative to the app official

Flamingo is an alternative to Twitter. The least we can say, is that it is simple and intuitive, at any time you’ll wonder where to go to perform a specific action. In addition, she is really fast, unlike the official application that sometimes makes my own.

In terms of features, you have obviously access to your stream of tweets, notifications and private messages. You will find at your disposal different possibilities of customization and the ability to use multiple accounts. Finally, my only fault is that is paid. So count 2,29 euros.

Flamingo for Twitter is the best alternative to the official app. © ANDROIDPIT

Flamingo for Twitter Install on Google Play

  • Version tested:

  • file size: 5.76 MB

  • compatibility: from Android 4.2

  • business model: paid – €2,29

3. Ringo International Calling: calls without borders

do you have friends or relatives abroad?  Do you travel for work or studies? If this is the case, it is you probably happened to find an app on the Store, which allows you to make international calls without consuming all of your credit or mortgage your home.

If you are tired of Skype, that is certainly perfect but not necessarily the cheapest, take a look at Ringo. It is particularly convenient because your friends do not need to install it to communicate with you. This application allows you to call any international number without resorting to connections 3 G, 4 G or WiFi, but through the local network.

How is that possible? The app transforms local calls international calls. Of course, calls are not free, but they are much cheaper than a normal call. Savings up to 85% are possible. Perfect for all die-hard travellers, both for leisure and for business.

  • version of the app:

  • the app size: 11.8 MB

  • app compatibility: Android 4.0.3 or more

  • business model: free

Ringo: International calls Install on Google Play

4. DISA: all your conversations in one place

tired of switch from one application to another to respond to messages from your friends? Tired of juggling between Facebook, WhatsApp and your SMS? Then try Disa. This application allows to gather all your conversations on a single screen. All you have to do is install the appropriate plugin.

DISA currently offers three compatible plugins: Facebook, WhatsApp and SMS, but the developers have also opened a space on which it is possible to participate to add additional plugins. The application until recently was in beta, so be patient and don’t despair. The idea is brilliant and with your help, this application could become one of the most downloaded from the Store.

disa app android french
WhatsApp and Facebook on the same page! © AndroidPIT
  • Version of the app: 0.9.9

  • the app size: 47.7 MB

  • app compatibility: Android 4.0 or more

  • business model: free

Disa Install on Google Play

5. Morning Routine: a different kind of alarm clock

Morning Routine is for people who have trouble getting out of bed. The app allows you to wake up tranquilllement but surely by installing a morning routine (hence its name). For example, the application displays web pages that you be of interest by imposing at the end reading a bar code to turn off the alarm. The application will surprise you by its original animations and my very successful Material Design. Good news also, no advertising won’t tarnish your user experience. 

If you are looking for a perfect awakening, Morning Routine is the solution ideal to start the day off right, or at least, get you out of bed.

morning routine IT
Morning Routine wakes you gently but surely. © ANDROIDPIT
  • Version of the app: 3.2

  • the app size: 15.2 MB

  • app compatibility: Android 4.4 or more

  • business model: free with purchase – app

Morning Routine – Alarm Clock Install on Google Play

6. quickReply: for those who wait Nougat

Android Nougat brings new features, one of them being the ability to reply to a message directly from the status bar. If this feature is already available on some applications, it is unfortunately absent on others and, to our great regret, we must recognize that the deployment of Android Nougat is not as fast we wanted to. Fortunately, the quickReply application allows access to this function.

QuickReply works with all e-mail applications (ironically, text messages are not included in the package). Whether you use Skype, Telegram, Kik or others, quickReply can help to answer the messages

  • tested Version: 2.00

  • file size: 2.3 MB

  • compatibility: from Android 5.0

  • business model: free

quickReply (chatHeads) Install on Google Play

7. Vivino: Explorer of wines

whether you are amateur or expert in wines, this app may please you. The concept is very simple: you place the focus of your device on the label of the bottle and the application gives you (very) detailed information on the wine in question. 

The application will tell you the score given to wine by users and you can also read their comments and experiences. This can be very handy for decide you to purchase, if you hesitate between two bottles for example. The application will inform you also on the price and stores where you can buy this type of wine.

If you don’t know what wine to buy, this app might help. © ANDROIDPIT
  • Version of the app: 8.9.3

  • size of the app: 64.9 MB

  • app compatibility: Android 4.0.3 or more

  • business model: free with purchases in the app

Vivino: Explorer of wines Install on Google Play

you know other unknown applications that might be worth to be downloaded? Say it in the comments.

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