5 reasons to buy the Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017)

the Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) is a compelling mid-range camera. Samsung does certainly not faultless with this phone, but it undoubtedly offers certain features that play really in favour. Here are 5 reasons to opt for the Galaxy A3 (2017) rather than one of its competitors.

before exposing the forces of this unit, it is important to remember its weaknesses so that the potential purchaser can get off to good start. The phone is shipped with Android 6.0.1 an Android interface that was presented for several months. Samsung has not seen fit to put Android Nougat on the device, which reflects fairly well the versions of Android fragmentation problem

Some criticize also to unit its low internal memory (16 GB), photography and multimedia enthusiasts will quickly filled her. Of course, it is possible to use a microSD card, and it is true that we should not expect too much of a mid-range device, but this market sector is evolving and Samsung must change with it because some competitors may take advantage. Last negative point: the price which is still quite high despite all the benefits of the device.

Despite all the advantages of the phone, its price is a bit too much

what do you think?

1. the sealing of a high-end

the sealing seems sometimes reserved for the high-end, especially at Samsung. Luckily, things have changed this year as Samsung has decided to make its A3 and its A5 seals. Both devices meet IP68 certification found on their big brother top of range: Samsung Galaxy S7

So, they are protected against water and dust. You can not only use your device in the rain but also to immerse it in water to a depth of 1.5 metres for a maximum of 30 minutes. Do you have doubts? We have had experience writing: the smartphone has been submerged under water for several minutes and is today still usable.

2. a very compact size

this is probably the main selling point of this smartphone. While the trend pushing manufacturers to make devices more big (to the point that technology folding screen seems to be necessary), some users remain loyal to sizes under 5 inches. Unfortunately, few companies resign themselves to produce devices of quality with such a size. In the field of the high end, there is almost no one and in the middle of the range we can speak essentially the smartphones from Sony: the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact (ancien haut de gamme de Sony) and Sony Xperia X Compact .

This new Galaxy A3 has the advantage of being cheaper than the Sony Xperia X Compact and is also waterproof, concept that Sony has dropped with its Compact X. With a size of 4.7 inches, this A3 2017 will delight all lovers of compact sizes.

AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy a3 2017 4750
with a 4.7-inch size, it doesn’t have a lot of competitors. © AndroidPIT

3. Good battery life

already last year, the strength of the A3 was its very good battery life. This year again, the phone does not disappoint, and the battery is decent. That said, it should be noted that Samsung does everything to optimize it: the slight improvement of the capacity compared to the previous model (we move from 2300 to 2350 mAh) and simple definition HD (720 x 1280) allow these good results.

the slight improvement of the capacity compared to the previous model and the simple definition HD allow these good results

autonomy depends of course on your use, but even using the device in an intensive way (videos, chat, games…) you should not drop less than 1 day and a half. You can nearly double the battery life with moderate use.

4. a correct camera

usually mid-range devices are not really distinguished by their potential photo. All kept proportions, the camera of the A3 (2017) is really correct. Of course it doesn’t have the potential that can have a high-end but it allows to obtain image quality very correct with my 13 megapixel camera and its opening F/1.9. 

Sometimes you have to take your time to take a snapshot to ensure that light is well managed, but overall the photos are good and well represented details. When the brightness is not too much to go, quality is obviously weakened both the front and the back but for a camera in this class we are satisfied with the results.

AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy a3 2017 4769
the goal of the camera does not exceed an inch. © AndroidPIT

5. A design and a finish worthy of the Galaxy S7

the Galaxy S7 is the source of inspiration for the design of A3 and A5, it’s indisputable. The Galaxy S7 is a very nice device, this new A3 is therefore a very beautiful to him too. The finish is perfect, the grip is excellent, visually it is a real treat… The table close to perfection, even the objective of the camera at the back no more than an inch. Besides, since we are talking about the back, be aware that it is coated with a layer of glass.

L ‘ before, the Home button, Samsung has also placed a fingerprint reader. On the upper edge, he placed the space for the SIM card and microSD card. Samsung offers us so much more than what he proposed so far on devices in this range.

Are you going to buy this phone? Or is it still too expensive?

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