4 major projects of Google you know maybe not

you know Google, or more exactly the Google X Lab working on what projects? There are many, some are also pretty wacky, others disturbing, but if they are completed they will represent a big change in our society. Here are several workhorses of Google X.  

Research and the fight against cancer

cancer is one of the great scourges of our time. It is particularly difficult to treat, especially if it is not discovered quickly, and despite the progress we continue to see take our loved ones. Google has decided to enter the race and offering assistance in my own way, that is, of course, through the use of new technologies.

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Google can eradicate the disease on the planet? © Paper Street Design/shutterstock/ANDROIDPIT

the old adage ‘prevention is better than cure”makes sense. If the cancer is detected early, the chances of defeating him multiplied exponentially. With this in mind, Google plans to use a bracelet whose goal is to detect cancer cells. This patent, under the name of Nanoparticle Phoresis (normal range using nano-particles), would use nano-particles that would be expected to detect the cells and even remove. For Google, this bracelet would be functional in the next decade. The first tests were conducted on mice and sensors seem to have worked, that said the road is still long before you get a device that works 100%.

This project will be linked to Android? Is not impossible but unlikely to rest, this is the health and monitoring should be done by professionals.

More generally, the nano-technology has a lot of potential in medicine. These artificial microorganisms to cash in our body looking for anomalies and would be able to solve the problems from the inside.

The taking and analysis of blood

we have already seen in one of our articles , Google is interested also to diabetics and, generally, in disease whose blood monitoring is necessary. In order to perform blood tests, Google has developed a bracelet that will allow to extract a small amount of blood through a particular process. This bracelet may then test the blood and will seek the parameters desired, for example, the rate of diabetes or cholesterol. The result will be sent subsequently to the smartphone user and probably displayed via a specific app. It is a simple blood test, there is no need of medical knowledge.

Google fighting the disease using technology

may be from the same Google what to detect diseases related to the immune system, such as lupus or even HIV. Unfortunately, the treatment of these diseases is still a problem at the present time, maybe nano-technology will bring a solution.

It is also important to note that Google is considering another system of detection of diabetes: the use of special contact lenses. The latter would have essentially two utilities: the first is to analyze the tears in order to identify the rate of glucose, the second is to sound the alarm by sending a signal (light, obviously) when the glucose is higher than normal / to a predefined value.

Accessories for patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson’s disease is perhaps a little less known than the diseases mentioned previously, but it is just as sad. This disease reached the neurons in the brain and causes tremors, making even more difficult the daily life of the patient. With the company Lift Labs, Google optimizes cutlery adapted to the earthquakes, that is adapted to people with Parkinson’s. These seats absorb earthquakes, that is to say that their content is not returned and even allow the user to eat.

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Google would like to create systems that really take care of our health, rather than us saying to go walking or running. © ANDROIDPIT

Google gave himself want to adapt the technology to better understand the disease and improve the lives of patients. As always, it is unlikely that Google plays the hero without a second thought, but if this can make service and can lead to medical solutions concrete, it can’t be that interesting.

The use of machines to repel death

the fear of death has always been a recurring topic, whether in philosophy, psychiatry or in different types of art. Google prefer to avoid the problem and the questions to which we have no answers: instead of wondering what there is after life, remain alive forever! So, Google is working on a system to transfer our conscience and our knowledge on a machine. It seems surreal so this project has been addressed at length and in literature and film, but Google is very serious and really consider eternal life by using machines.

20150728 105036 Will
be possible to live as a machine and manage its circuits from your smartphone? © ANDROIDPIT

in practical terms, this would be our conscience and our memory to connect to a machine. It is obviously blatant consciousness and memory are inseparable because it is impossible to be what we are today without having been, without memory we are State of newborn and discover the world with eyes (and memory) new. In the long term, we can become a totally different person (an experiment on the subject could be also interesting that immoral).

This isn’t the only project that Google has in the works for our brain. He plans to directly connect to the Internet using nanorobots, brace yourself, would be physically hooked to our brain.

Do you think Google will change the image of the world and revolutionize the health field? Should it worry about the power that it can take?

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