Xiaomi will integrate video capture to its phones via MIUI

MIUI, Xiaomi interface, will soon have a nice feature for mobile gamers that will greatly facilitate the tutorials. The video capture will happen on Xiaomi devices by the end of February.

Xiaomi is known for its phones with an interesting price-quality report and also for its Builder interface, MIUI, which divides. Xiaomi will soon add a new feature to its system, including an option to capture video.

NB: the video cannot be played on a mobile device.

option is already available in beta on some devices, allowing you to have an overview on the different parameters that can be set. It is possible to choose the definition of recorded video, as well as the number of images to the second or even the level of compression of the video file . It will also be possible to leave the auto rotation or lock, similarly to choose if the different entries, tactile or physical, are displayed.

this function will happen at first on a selection of devices, more specifically the 3 Mi Mi 4 , Mi 5 and Mi Note . Other devices Xiaomi should also benefit as long as they support MIUI 8 and receive the service by the end of February.

there is an app for that

as one might expect, there are already applications to capture video content from my screen. Writing, we use quite frequently AZ Screen Recorder , which also offers a good selection of options and a simple to use interface. In addition, performance aren’t really impacted by the recording by AZ, which is essential when trying to take video game sequences.

Xiaomi will not be the first, Chinese manufacturer in addition, to offer such a feature directly in its phones. OnePlus was already doing since my first camera, OnePlus One .

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