Xiaomi Mi6: release date, price and data sheet

the Xiaomi Mi6 will not be announced at MWC but a little later in the year. The next monster of the manufacturer thus will come take the excellent over Mi5 and Mi5s. In addition, it would be at first Chinese smartphone equipped the last 835 Snapdragon from Qualcomm. Here’s what we know about.

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the first Chinese smartphone under Snapdragon 835…

the Xiaomi Mi6 would be the first Chinese smartphone equipped of the Snapdragon last, 835 of Qualcomm and maybe even one of the first, knowing that until the release of the Galaxy S8 scheduled for the month of April, we shouldn’t find this Soc in no other smartphone. Without a doubt, he will be armed to compete.

In practice, the Soc would be present in two of the three variants of the phone. The ‘Standard’ version and the version of “first.” In the first, he would be accompanied by 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage while the second would raise the stakes up to 6 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage.

Storage capacity which would be quite comfortable. When the 6 GB of RAM, one remains in line with that already offered the Chinese manufacturers in 2016. He shouldn’t have much trouble themselves into the top places in the AnTuTu standings. Moreover, thanks to the Snapdragon 835, Xiaomi Mi6 would reach a score of more than 210 000 points on the benchmark tool .

… but not only

a third variant of the Mi6 was recently listed under the code name “Youth”. Unlike the other two, she owned not a SoC Qualcomm but a MediaTek Helio X 30 with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage. It would be the most modest of the three versions and therefore the least expensive. A model to halfway between high-end and mid-tier.

A screen curved

versions ‘Standard’ and ‘First’ Xiaomi MI6 are expected with an OLED display. While the first settle for a flat screen and a form factor everything what there is of more traditional, the second would feature a dual curved screen Edge comparable to what you would find on some high-end Samsung and on the Mi Xiaomi Note 2 which employs a flexible AMOLED display designed by LG. The two smartphones would propose a definition Quad HD display.

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Note that in addition to a curved screen, the ‘First’ model is would provide a back ceramic. A material known for its strength and that there were already on one of the variants of Mi5 as well as on the Mi Mix.

A true camera phone

Xiaomi promised, my Mi6 will be an excellent camera phone . At this level, my Mi5 was far from the best but the Mi5s released a few months later had still risen to level.

According to the Chinese automaker, its next high-end would be best in the Google Pixel photo. Knowing that it’s the two best photophones of 2016, we can’t say that it lacks ambition. Note that the latest leaks suggest that it will be equipped with a double photo sensor. A configuration Xiaomi has already tested on multiple devices last year and who has also been proven in some competitors such as Huawei, Honor and LG.

Price and release date

Xiaomi has confirmed that he would not present at MWC 2017 which will open the last week of February in Barcelona, he do not hope to see him lift the veil on its next high-end on this occasion.

Besides, judging by Forbes and The Verge, no smartphone under Snapdragon 835 don’t would be unveiled during the show . Samsung that serious the chip would benefit all stocks first and it was not until April, when the release of the Galaxy S8 we’d see other smartphones equipped with the SoC make their appearance is scheduled on the market. Xiaomi would so no other choice if it is to wait unlike LG who plans to integrate a Snapdragon 821 to my G6.

In early January, a rumor suggested that Xiaomi Mi6 would be more expensive than the Mi5. Another report confirms that it is not entirely untrue. Just like last year, the least expensive model would be sold 1999 Yuan about 270 euros but it would be the version of ‘Youth’, whose features remain a little ‘light’ next to the versions Qualcomm expected prices of

  • 2499 Yuan or 340 euros for the version “Standard”

  • 2999 Yuan or 410 euros for the ‘First’ model

anyway even to 410 euros, the ‘First’ version will remain cheaper than any other flagship of 2017

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