With these tips and these accessories, your smartphone will be ready to survive the winter.

in this period of cold weather, we are generally happy to have our phones with us to take pictures of the winter landscape. That said, the drop in temperatures often prevents the use, particularly among those who are under the snow. With our tips and our gadgets, you can enjoy the winter.

watch the snow and the cold

smartphones have become resistant. Today, many models are waterproof to the water and others are adapted to life outdoors. The progress is such that very cold temperatures and snow don’t really represent a danger, but better still put the odds on my side to avoid problems.

The snow is made of water, so if your smartphone is snow covered so it is better that it is waterproof. If you are on the ski resort, you may notice that your phone doesn’t have a problem with the temperature… At least on the short term. If you leave it too long in the cold, even if it’s in the back seat of a car, he may quickly take poorly.

smartphones support pretty well low temperatures but it must still be careful

you can use a smartphone with gloves

if it is cold outside, you’ll want to of course wearing gloves. Unfortunately it is difficult to use a touchscreen without using my bare hands, but many manufacturers focused on the issue and have provided a solution to this problem: the fashion gloves. When this option is selected it allows to expand the scope of support, therefore use with gloves is facilitated.

mode gants xperia z5
it is easier to use a smartphone with gloves if gloves mode. © ANDROIDPIT

you will find this option include Samsung and Sony, on their recent smartphones. On a Sony smartphone, simply go to settings then go into screen and mode gloves.

You have to find the gloves best adapted

mode gloves is an interesting option, but it does not work 100% with all models of gloves. The reason is simple: modern displays are capacitive, which means they react on changes in electric voltage, therefore they cannot be used with electric conductive material.

Our skin is part, as well as some accessories such as the Galaxy Stylus, Note 5. Those who are unable to use their smartphone despite mode gloves must obtain special gloves, adapted to this situation.

handschuhe screengloves
with these gloves, you’re ready to spend the winter. © ScreenGloves

you better protect your phone with a waterproof cover

as explained above, the snow (or rather water that composes) can cause damage on your smartphone. To avoid this situation, you can get a cover that will protect your phone not only water but also the dust.

Schutfolien Smartphones
this cover protects good more than the rain and snow. Of the Mall

best to keep your phone


that the cold will hurt on the phone, the purchase of a sock of protection is indicated when the temperatures get really cold. Once inside, the smartphone will be safe from the cold.

Handy Socke
here is the costume of winter to your smartphone. © Bralexx

take a smartphone Outdoor, you will avoid problems

they are not given but they are perfect for the fans of skiing and other winter sports. We have for example the X-Tel 9500 which resists temperatures according to military standard 810G, resistant to water and dust according to IP68/IPX8 normals. The screen uses the Gorilla Glass 2.0 system and is protected by a rubber frame. With such a phone, you’re ready for winter!

androidpit x systems 2
you’re afraid of snow? Opt for an outdoor phone. © ANDROIDPIT

good luck to all for this winter, particularly our Canadian readers who are most affected. What are you doing to prepare for the weather?

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