Why LG can create surprise with its G6 LG at MWC 2017

this year 2017 will be special: while there are many actors to recognize not be ready for the Mobile World Congress, the Korean manufacturer LG gradually aligns all of its parts and seems to surprise with its G6 LG. Borderless, price content design and large open area, it is ready to reverse the bad trend launched by my G5.

LG G6 rendu

we are now in 2017, so it is time to open a new chapter in the history of the Smartphone market. After a year of 2016 difficult, the Korean manufacturer LG will have to roll up their sleeves to regain its audience.

Its mobile division, which suffered the throes of LG G5 did not convinced consumers, took a humbling last year. But far from stopping here, this one seems more motivated than ever to roll up my sleeves and offer us the best of itself.

While the pieces put in place on the Board comes an atypical thought: and if 2017 was the year of LG? In many ways, the G6 LG seems to have gone to be a full House. In this issue, we explain why.

LG G6 only present at the Mobile World Congress 2017

Stand LG MWC 2016

Let’s start at the beginning: the sinews of war, each year, is always done at the Mobile World Congress. The Barcelona show is one to which the international press, specialized or not, irretrievably turns to discover the new beads wherever the market takes him.

However, this year 2017 is very special, since there will be many manufacturers to not be present in force at the show. Samsung has formalized the delay of its S8 Galaxy , HTC unveiled its HTC 11 wasn’t ready…

Only will be Sony, which is not necessarily the media on my side, Lenovo Motorola remaining minority in this market… and of course LG, the second big high-tech in Korea, far from esquivable power.

If this one succeeds its entry into stage with the LG G6 , there are strong chances that it will be for him almost all of the media coverage of the event. The war of smartphones is also a war of communication. Samsung excels, but will not present: it’s time for her to enjoy Korean brother.

LG G6: borderless, waterproof, all what is expected in 2017

lg g6 noir jais

the communication is not everything, and fortunately: need also the manufacturer the great game on proposed by its smartphone features and design. We already know that the LG G6 will abandon the modular design , a good in 2017.

What is left then? According to my teasing , it will have a very large screen, without sacrificing its manipulable format with one hand, and resistance to expensive water to the high-end smartphones. What make it resistant surprises everyday and clean easily.

The first images of its design seem to also show that it will be part of the trend of borderless in 2017. Also, my presentation at the Mobile World Congress would allow him to take one step ahead on this, and therefore cut the grass under the feet of its competitors.

It is also a risk: by advancing such features, it definitely said goodbye to the removable battery that will have made him popular before. But its unibody design is also much safer to conquer the hearts of the general public, and will allow it to be compared to my other competitors without having it blush.

Not Snapdragon 835, the good idea of LG

photo galaxy s8

there is a large reason for the delay of the high-end in 2017: enjoying the fact that produce them, Samsung would be reserved to the lion share of the 835 Snapdragon , leaving its competitors wait for crumbs from its own production.

What slow down many actors, this close as the LG G6 should integrate a Snapdragon 821 . Rather than compete in front with the other actors, Korean automaker would so choose to work around the problem.

And it is a more viable workaround: far from too have aged, the Snapdragon 821 dating from a few months ago only is still very uncomfortable on many tasks. This will also allow better optimization of its overlay software, without sacrificing compatibility with Daydream platforms or technologies such as the Vulkan API.

The cheapest of the high-end

this is perhaps the last basis on which the manufacturer could base its communication. The Mobile World Congress is not only the high range devices field, but we must also admit that are often the most talk about them.

If it was only last year, Xiaomi succeeded to the attention of the press and readers by presenting my Mi5 Xiaomi. This year, the miracle will not take place: the constructor will not present .

Opportunity for the Korean manufacturer to enjoy the fact that it acquires ‘that’ Snapdragon 821 to out a high-end much more affordable than its competitors in 2017, but advancing the same innovative arguments: borderless and unibody for a compact design still offering resistance to the water.

We still expect more information on the device, including its photo capabilities. But on this ground, the LG G5 was not disappointed: it would be surprising that the manufacturer does not continue the good momentum.

So here it is with a large lot open before him, and a smartphone that may as well make the same arguments than its competitors while providing a more flexible tariff investment: 2017 would be the year of the LG G6? Answer in a month at the Mobile World Congress!

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