Why the iPhone continues to be as successful in the face of competitors Android

the craze around the iPhone beautiful 7A be less important that previous versions, the Apple smartphone continues to have some success. Face-to-face, opting for Android competitors are struggling to find a place. If this is Samsung, other manufacturers are in trouble. But then why the iPhone still liking?

iphone 7 succes

With my iPhone 7, Apple has disappointed many users. Too expensive compared to proposed new, disappearance of the Jack that is difficult to understand, there are many reasons. But that won’t stop Apple selling pallets.

The success of the iPhone is not inexplicable. If he is no doubt a product of full mode, this isn’t the only reason for its success. Competition is unable to forget the Apple smartphone despite excellent products, the fault including significant strategic errors.

The iPhone is not the best but it is still very good

the iPhone is probably the best-selling smartphone in the world but it is not for all the best on the market. Say rather that on many criteria, some competitors beat him . For example, on the part photo, competitors as the Galaxy S7 or HTC 10 are much better.

In terms of performance, some models are also at the top. And what of autonomy, which is one of the biggest weaknesses of the iPhone. But despite everything, the Apple smartphone is still among the best.

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So, it is excellent in the field of photography, the Ax chips are among the best in the market, its screen is very good (even if the size/screen ratio is far from the height). What makes including my success is that the iPhone brings together in a single product of the assets to look for several competitors of Android.

With the exception of a few models like the S7 or even the 10 HTC Galaxy which bring together in a single product technologies to the top. But Apple knows highlight the qualities of the iPhone better than any other brand.

The winning strategy of Apple to crush competitors Android

Apple knows highlight the strengths of the iPhone

Apple may not offer the top of the top of the smartphone, he knows highlight its assets as a person. The iPhone has always had shortcomings compared to its competitors. For example, the first model offered even no connection 3G while all competitors already incorporated this standard.

But Apple has been able to highlight the advantages of a smartphone. Where the firm is very strong, it is always something that improves the user experience. contrary to competition, Apple does not say “we are more” but “we do better.” And the technique is well established. Besides, it’s all part of the philosophy of the brand.

To get the ‘Wow’ effect to work firstly something that works well. Take the example of the screen. With the iPhone 6 S, Apple has integrated 3D Touch technology . On paper, nothing fancy but yet Apple has highlighted this novelty at its conference in shots of “amazing” and “wonderful”.

iphone etanche apple mouille pas

To support my words, the firm has made a demo of the functionality by enumerating the advantages of this new feature. Then, in shops, customers were able to test this feature on demo models. Integration is such that they have been convinced for many, even though they criticized the idea on paper.

Of course, everyone does not take to the game, but it’s a technique that has been proven, and which still works on a public market where customers are very eclectic. And while Apple talking about these two or three new key, it erases all the defects that might be found on my iPhone.

And this is where the firm is very strong. It focuses the attention of the consumer on two or three elements , baton screens of commercials highlighting these features, and it works. Marketing power is such that Apple manages to erase its competitors by a few tricks. It’s the nature of magic. Divert attention.

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because iOS

of course, the iPhone is not sold by pallets only thanks to the marketing power of the firm. That which seduces users is not the product itself, it is also and especially iOS . The software part of the iPhone appeals as much or even more users of the smartphone than the physical part.

And Apple has the gift to book some features of its OS to the latest version of the iPhone. What drives users to opt for the latest model. But for those who care a little, leaving iOS is really a complicated adventure.

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Whether we like or not mobile OS from Apple, we must recognize something, it is optimized, it is easy to use, it’s intuitive and ergonomic. such A point that brands like Huawei/Honor has to are clearly inspired to create their overcoat Android.

In addition, applications on iOS are particularly well optimized. And on this point, the Apple OS is clearly superior to Android. Here again, the user experience is that improved. And that’s not to mention the speed of updates deployed on iOS. Next Android really is trolling.

However, the two BONES tend to join over time. But it is still difficult for those who have used iOS for years to switch to Android. Some who have made the leap came back quickly, others were seduced. One thing is sure, iOS is an incomparable asset to keep users on iPhone.

In France, iOS back hair of the beast in the face of Android after iPhone 7

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Credits: BGR

because the iPhone is the iPhone

all these arguments would be nothing without the ultimate explanation: If the iPhone is always so successful, it is simply because it’s the iPhone. In the collective unconscious, and rightly, Apple is the company that has revolutionized the world of the smartphone . Apple is at the origin of the first store of applications, the principle even application, all touch screen, simple and ergonomic access to the internet.

Thus, each year, the Cupertino company is expected at the turn. Everyone says “they well could find to make a difference? . If recent ads were rather disappointing, the iPhone 8 due out this year is very expected . To celebrate the 10 years of the first model, Apple could make my small revolution. All eyes will be so on the American giant in September.

Because the iPhone, it’s THE ultimate smartphone for the general public, the reference. and even spend a minimum wage in a smartphone, might as well get one that will be the most fashionable. Because Yes, the iPhone is also and above all a fashion product, an outward sign of wealth, success. People who are in the know have an iPhone. The stars, the people have an iPhone.

Unfortunately, the competition did not understand that no other smartphone than the iPhone can sell at such a rate. First because Apple now offers a high quality with a high-quality customer Service, incomparable service. But also because psychologically, users are not ready to pay such a sum for something else which is deemed as the top.


It would be sufficient to Samsung, HTC, LG and others to launch the high-end smartphones in prices a tiny bit more affordable and there is no doubt that sales will be much better. But for now, in trying to make the iPhone, these brands are missing the point and the majority of consumers will tell you if they have the choice between an iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7, it’s the Apple smartphone that they will slide in their Pocket .

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