Why the Galaxy S8 will be a hit despite its high price

with its S8 Galaxy, Samsung hopes to break the same record with the S7 and thus sell 10 million units the first month. A rather ambitious bet when you know he is expected at a 15-20% higher price. Yet Samsung could reach its goals this year. He also seems to have put all the advantages on my side.

galaxy s8 prix

a Galaxy S8 more expensive than its predecessors

the price of Galaxy S8 would be 20% higher than that of the S7. There should be approximately 900 euros for the version known as basic, in other words the smallest of the two models offering the lowest storage capacity. And rates rise quickly if you decide to opt for the version ‘More’ or for a model with a larger memory. Suffice to say that the note will be salty!

The next flagship of Samsung likely to sell less well because of its price? And well, not necessarily. Firstly, even if the S7 is cheaper, it was cheap either at its launch. Yet, it was a success, and even the “Edge” version a hit despite its price of 799 euros. Fans of the range will always crack even at 200 euros more.

Besides, this high-end positioning coupled with premium pricing works very well with Apple or Google with its Pixel who even found themselves out of stock at the time of their launch then at Samsung?

Galaxy S8: its release date in the trade finally unveiled!

Innovations that make a difference

in view of the recent rumors, the Galaxy S8 will be a true concentrate of technology . Samsung will not simply to add a little more power and possibly offer a bigger battery. Its next smartphone should mark a real break with the previous ones, thanks to the adoption of a new design since the phone is expected in a form factor borderless. So he will say farewell to the traditional Home button in favor of a fingerprint reader built into the display.

Borderless smartphones are maybe a simple passing fad but when we see what the mid Mix Xiaomi craze sparked during my announcement, we dare not imagine just how much will be multiplied this infatuation with the Galaxy S8 when the world finds out its borderless design .

galaxy s8 design

of course, the S8 will not draw strength only in its design. Like the Galaxy Note 7 which the iris scanner was presented as the feature that kills, it will also put forward some innovative features, including a new virtual assistant by the name of Bixby based on artificial intelligence.

A slider of presentation on the run also suggests that it could propose a Continuum mode, like the Windows 10 Mobile terminals. Thus, it would be possible to transform my Galaxy S8 in mini PC adding a screen, a keyboard and a mouse. That explains why Samsung decided to include 8 GB of RAM on board!

Because Samsung wants to retrieve the Note 7 users

with its S8, Samsung seeks not only to reach regular users of the S range. It also seeks the Note range that stayed on their hunger in 2016. Those who had bought or had to buy the Galaxy Note 7 and saw their dreams go up in smoke when the product was removed from sale and all models in circulation have been recalled.

Having said that the Korean could turn what was initially a fiasco into a new opportunity. Because of their borderless design, the series S8 models should provide with larger screens as the S7 substantially while maintaining the same dimensions. Leaks evoke a 5.7 inches for the base model and format for version 6.2 inches ‘more ‘. What delight fans of phablets without cluttering their pockets.

In addition, for the first time, Samsung would propose a S Pen on the S8 Galaxy , an exclusive hitherto reserved for the Note range. It would be offered only as an option in the form of an accessory sold separately but it still confirms once Samsung aims indeed Note 7 users who should also be entitled to a discount on the purchase price of the S8.

Galaxy S8 S Pen

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