Why the domination of Samsung is beneficial for Android

Samsung dominates the Android universe, it is a fact that cannot be denied while he is number of manufacturers of smartphones for many years. Previously, we have seen that this domination could be harmful for the sector. But is it really? In this second part, we argumenterons instead acts of Samsung are beneficial to the Android universe.


on the Smartphone market, for years as a builder in particular is more representative than others: Samsung. The Korean brand has managed to turn its presence on simple mobile phone in empire of the smartphone.

A development which made him become the most common representative of Android in the eye of the general public. Each year, we know that he will once again be number 1 of the builders, as it is for many a long time today.

A large player is necessarily a difference of opinion as to its purpose on the platform of Google. Recently, we should explain what Samsung domination could be bad for Android .

Nothing is ever as Manichean however. That’s why today, we argumenterons that this domination is indeed beneficial to the entire ecosystem.

Samsung, the good Apple

Apple vs Samsung

we saw in the previous dossier that Samsung has gradually conquered the smartphone universe and the Android ecosystem strongly inspired by Apple and its iPhone. In many ways, the U.S. automaker gave its form to today’s phones, benefiting an innovative image attractive to the general public.

Since then, the situation has even changed. While he was initially very confidential, the Android operating system is now known to all. And if we can thank the many actors of this ecosystem, we cannot deny that much of the work was made by Samsung.

The Korean manufacturer has managed to offer year after year what fight head to head with Apple, a trait found particularly on the Galaxy S2. Although others before him have proposed excellent phones (we think the HTC HD for example), it is the latter who will have contributed massively to make credible Android public, leaving my image of “geek OS” Android like Linux.

It is therefore, to Samsung for the general public to turn. And each year, the manufacturer has been able to ensure outbid Apple to the point of often take the lead on its rival. By Android = Samsung amalgam he managed to create, this image falls naturally on the Google OS and benefits everyone.

When Apple chooses to make any of its exclusive innovations to its ecosystem, the Samsung advances fall naturally on the rest of the ecosystem. And even if the Korean does not necessarily.

Grand champion of the follow-up

galaxy S7 android nougat

one of the biggest problems of Android, that does not meet Apple with its closed ecosystem, is the immediate availability of major updates to its system. Outside of the Nexus range, and new Google Pixel , he must sometimes wait many months before they can enjoy the improvements to the system.

But Samsung has always been one of the examples to follow the industry from this point of view. Not only its high-end devices are quickly followed , but its entry-level and mid-range offerings also have the right to the latest updates in a reasonable time.

A 2-year follow-up is usually observed on the entirety of its offer, making that its buyers can have confidence in the monitoring of their devices regardless of their budget. This is all the more important that being the most used mobile operating system in the world, Android is also the most targeted by hackers .

Samsung influence and embraces the evolution of Android

meilleures fonctionnalités samsung multi fenetres

but is not everything, since he is also one of those who do not hesitate to propose something new for the operating system. We’ll think especially of detection of the gaze, to prevent the extinction of the screen of the device currently playing.

The most striking example of this is the multi-window mode, which was quickly integrated by Samsung to my overcoat Touchwizz, particularly for its models of phablette. A sector that it also popularized despite the doubts of many manufacturers.

This multi-window mode is today natively integrated into Android 7.0 Nougat and all its future versions. In response, the update on Samsung phones abandons my own solution and embraces the management of the system itself.

The case is the same for management the stylus, which will soon be integrated natively to the bone while Samsung provides the for many years. Here again, the Korean automaker will then adopt the native solution in the future.

Over time, Samsung has learned to trust the ecosystem itself and grows less its own solutions: he will have abandoned its application store and voicemail, and now to ensure that my overcoat approximates the AOSP Android’s experience .

All participate to make my experience more clear and fluid, but also helps users to familiarize themselves with the entire ecosystem, allowing an easier understanding of all Android devices available on the market.

Always ready to invest and innovate

Galaxy Wing smartphone pliant

you might think that be the first constructor of the entire smartphone market would push to sit on its laurels and raise a fabulous treasure of war. After all what could blame Apple, which in recent years seems to be on the defensive and simply follow its competitors without too to innovate.

Samsung is far from all that, on the contrary: we often find him first online many yet uncertain technological fronts. When Google launched its Nexus range, the second aircraft produced by the Commission was signed by none other than Samsung, and then followed by the Galaxy Nexus.

When the internet of objects began to be considered, the Korean manufacturer unveiled its Galaxy Gear range which will be subsequently accompanied the launch of Android Wear. Today, the S3 Gear under Tizen is one of the best smartwatches of the market.

Its range notes, today extremely popular, was born of the belief that a Pocket Tablet format would appeal to professionals and large consumers of media. Nobody believed it at the time, Samsung is attracting even taunting fire Steve Jobs, while it is an extremely banal product now.

These are only examples of the past among many others, and 2017 will not change this: while folding screens are finally becoming viable for products of mass consumption, Samsung already preparing two devices using this technology for two different concepts.

A relationship of equals

Samsung cannibalise 95% des revenus d'Android

A lot of ways, so it is hard to think that the dominance of Samsung will benefit only Samsung. He is the undisputed number 1 in the market, but does not seem to especially enjoy my place for doing nothing, quite the contrary.

Although my speech and my marketing plan are extremely worked, to the point of suffocating my competition, the fact that it uses Android is the operating system, and thus the entire ecosystem, is highlighted by this. What is more, good ideas of my overcoat now include major versions of Android, and thus benefit all devices.

It is becoming ‘the Apple of Android”that he will be able to make the OS more appealing to the general public, and has gained its place by my merit. Far from being a follower, it is instead often trend Launcher or a minimum at the forefront of the high-tech future. Traits that benefit entire Android, and not only to the manufacturer.

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