Why the decision to push back the Galaxy S8 is wise for Samsung

it’s official. Samsung confirmed yesterday that we would not see the Galaxy S8 during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the end of February. The South Korean manufacturer thus puts an end to a tradition that began with the S5 Galaxy. It will therefore likely wait until April to get the (or the) successor (s) Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. A good if more analyses in details the decision of Samsung.

Samsung won’t take risks

is an open secret. The scandal of the Galaxy Note7 somewhat dog-eared Samsung image. The world’s no. 1 manufacturer lost its superb with its last phablette. Those who have a Samsung smartphone have certainly have been entitled to the jeers of their friends or their family members. The problem is all the more regrettable that the brand had yet succeeded with the Note7 certainly build the best phone in its history. That was before the problem of the batteries that explode of course.

Yesterday, on the occasion of my press conference to explain the results of my investigations, Samsung wanted to play the transparency and confirmed the origin of the problem. The first batteries (before the change) had a manufacturing fault in the right corner, rounded up to the point that it could happen a short circuit due to the deviation of the electrodes. Seconds batteries (those models of replacement) they also had a manufacturing defect that was this time the protective layer. This last being defective (or even absent, as is the case on some models), this caused a short circuit.

Galaxy Note7 What We Discovered Infographic Main 1
the causes of the tragedy of Samsung. © SAMSUNG

as explained Benoit yesterday in my article, these results only reinforce the question we ask from the beginning: how could it avoid service quality? Thousands of batteries have a manufacturing defect and no one realized?

Samsung has implemented a new procedure for checking in 8 steps.

Postpone the decision of formalization of the Galaxy Note7 therefore seems wise if this allows Samsung to strengthen its quality controls. Such errors on the Galaxy S8 will be unforgivable. In the event of another incident, the world’s no.1 manufacturer, already faced with problems of succession and corruption in my country, might have had trouble cashing a second setback. That’s why Samsung explained have learned from my mistakes and has implemented a new procedure for checking in 8 steps. 

a kind of déjà vu

even if its competitors will try to take advantage of the absence of this announcement to mark the occasion, is not the first time that Samsung moving away from some the bigger mobile fair in the world. The decision to withhold its flagship store at MWC is indeed not a novelty. Until the S5 Galaxy, Samsung had taken used to unveil its new Galaxy S at a dedicated event. For the presentation of its new models Note incidentally, Samsung has also always done so.

AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy S3 11
Samsung had introduced my Galaxy S3 an event dedicated in may 2013. © ANDROIDPIT

in deciding to launch itself in April its S8, Samsung Galaxy is in its infancy. my shadow hanging during the MWP. The waiting will grow and users will be even more curious to discover something new. Better, Samsung will be able to enjoy one more month compared to rivals to fine-tune the final details of its smartphone.

A time to prepare its communication campaign

in addition to new technical tests, it a safe bet that this time saving is used by Samsung to prepare the marketing campaign that should precede and follow the formalization of the Galaxy S8. It is rumored that the firm would have made this decision in order to work with external agencies to develop communication plans to recover the confidence of consumers.

Opinion by Pierre glass

Samsung must not miss its Galaxy S8 quality control

what do you think?

When you see the number of impressive ads already deployed by the brand throughout the year, one can imagine that the launch of the S8 will be a perfect opportunity for Samsung. So expect many commercials on all media.

How do you justify the decision of Samsung?

Samsung must not miss its Galaxy S8 quality control

what do you think?

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