Why are we all excited at the idea of a Nokia Android smartphone?

just talk Nokia mobile planet open big ears. People like to recall their experiences with older phones of the brand. A nostalgia present in all types of users, from fanboys novice users. But why the idea of a “NokiaDroid” is also exciting?

Nokia is not just starting out with Android. The Finnish manufacturer already had a shy adventure into the world of the Green robot with the release of the Tablet Nokia N1. But the tablets being less popular and brand with restrictions in some countries, the buzz around the tablet was very limited.

However, we are all excited at the idea of running Android Nokia smartphones. We have already seen the Nokia 6 unveiled in China but the manufacturer holds well more surprises for the MWC.

Everyone was jealous of the Lumia

I was disappointed, and I think that many other people were also, when I learned that Lumia smartphones would be exclusive to the Lumia range, that would only work on Windows Phone. In reality, few people envied the operating system, but rather the cameras with Carl Zeiss only available sensors on these smartphones, as well as the look of the phones, which were unparalleled in the market.

Even Apple inspired colors and design of the Lumia when it designed the iPhone 5 c. Looking at the 1020 Lumia, we we imagined all what he would be if he came with Android.

AndroidPIT e reading 0916
the Nokia brand has been replaced by the name of Microsoft. © ANDROIDPIT

an indestructible smartphone?

Yes, we believe that a smartphone with Android Nokia didn’t need technology anti-scratch, fall protection, or that it is resistant to water, as it will be indestructible. Who here has never heard former brand phones who have survived storms, fires and all sorts of natural disasters? Well, now, we look like a ‘NokiaDroid ‘. I can already imagine our colleague Camila Rinaldi plunging the ‘NokiaDroid’ in various containers filled with water and that nothing happens.

Galaxy s6 back taking off 4
will not be a problem with a Nokia Android. © ANDROIDPIT

Nokia is Nokia

we mean not that Nokia is the company the most perfect in the world, far from it. But if you start to read the comments that we receive on the site regarding the brand, you’ll notice that, according to several users, it is very close to that level. Nokia cannot be compared to Nokia itself.

The Finnish company has its own codes in design, its own technologies (at least those he has not shared with Microsoft), and always positive surprises its users. Of course, she did not always the best choice, when she insisted on the use of Symbian, and with some of the features released under the aegis of the manufacturer of Windows… But when Nokia released new phones, can only get impatient to see the results.

And you, what do you think of Nokia, and how will a smartphone Android manufactured by the brand?

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