What to expect from Google in 2017?

Google has spent a pretty special year. We heard the death knell of the Nexus and, to the delight of fans of the brand, we have seen the Pixel and Pixel XL but several problems have been reported… Of course, Google is also Android, but the fragmentation is still a problem because at present Nougat is installed on 0.4% of devices, Marshmallow on 26.3%. As a reminder, Marshmallow is available since October 2015… There’s not that smartphones, there is also the connected watch, you might say. Certainly, but Android Wear is unconvincing in the face of Tizen, and the redemption of Cronologics could not change. Despite all that, 2016 is particularly year where Google has shown the way he intends to follow.

A new Pixel

but it was all in 2016. What might we see in 2017? Maybe a new Pixel. “Maybe” because nothing says that Google wants to remove a unit per year, but it’s very likely. The Pixel and Pixel XL have been marketed only in very few countries, particularly because of the languages of Google Wizard (the french is still not available).

Contrary to what many people believe, the Pixel is not 100% Google. The processor, for example, is a 820 Snapdragon, so manufactured by Qualcomm. But the American giant has shown that he wants to drive on highway of autonomy and, one day or the other, will be the means to get the Pixel entirely done by itself because it is the key to success, as several economists have said. Of course, the influence of Apple is almost as large as the subject is broad, and the idea of a smartphone using only my own material seems to be a totally Utopian project, we’ll see if Google tries this adventure.

Google will probably come out a new flagship store in 2017

what do you think?

So what to expect of this Pixel? Personally, I wait before any more interesting design because on this point I found the phone really very disappointing, but it’s very subjective. There is no doubt that we will find a processor more powerful, more RAM, a better GPU, a potential photo (perhaps with a double camera?), etc. What would be especially interesting it is to show new technologies and not to improve what already exists: excellent, folding screen made for the VR through an optimized screen, etc. Some people will say probably that they would like to see prices fall and less than Google is what bothers them most about the Pixel, but so is its raison d’etre do not count.

A more advanced operating system (Andromeda?)

The hardware of Google is not about the Pixel / Pixel XL. The universe of tablets and computers is not unknown to him, it is also not impossible that he offers us something in one or the other of these categories, or even that it offers us a device that is mounted on the two. With this in mind, we can speak of Andromeda, the multiplatform system that we hear so much about but that nobody sees. It should work on any type of device, it’s somehow the future of Google’s operating system. The real question is this: will we see this project in 2017 or only in the more distant future?

If this project Andromeda is not for this year, we should logically find Android O. No information on the subject is available at this time, but one thing is certain: since Google wants to forge its identity, it must distinguish it from Android. We could therefore have functions/graphics/special applications of Google on one side, and those of the other Android. 

Samsung galaxy s7 edge nougat
Android Nougat was known as Android N, but that will be Android O? © AndroidPIT

another step forward in the VR

the RV is at our door and thanks to Daydream, we just have to open that door for access. But (there is always a ‘but’) current virtual reality technology has unfortunately a few limits. The main downside is that VR sometimes gives some people headaches or of stomach upset, which is ironic given that the VR is also used for pain . The experience must be improved in order to attract a maximum of users.

Another major drawback which, hopefully, will be settled this year, is the low amount of applications/games available with Daydream. In theory the solution is simple, just the developers provide the means. But why – they if there are few users? Yet, one of the reasons for the few users is the low amount of games. Hard to get into this vicious circle.

the experience therefore needs to be improved in order to attract a maximum of users

the third major drawback is of course the price: to enjoy the RV you need not only to invest in a high-end smartphone but also in headphones, to play a few games that may make you sick… In short, there is work to do on this side here and if Google can’t control the retail price of devices, maybe he can do something for the rest.

Conclusive results with its “secret” projects

if for us geeks Google is above all a player in the world of smartphones and a great giant of the web, do not forget that he is working on many projects as various and varied. Google has realized that the professional sector is an important (and lucrative) area, so it does not hesitate to do some research in order to achieve results in different scientific fields. The most important (at least in my opinion) is that of health, in which he seeks not only to find solutions to the problems, but also to improve the comfort of patients, for example for diabetics using connected lenses.

Unfortunately, we have no information about the results of these projects. With regard to diabetes, the latest project which should be completed in 2016 with its partner Novartis has been postponed. I hope so Google results.

Google contact lens
Google is very active in the field of health. © Google

a new version of Google Home

Google Home has an interesting potential. Personal Assistant, Manager of electrical appliances in the House, it can be very useful. The downside major is that its potential to any compatible hardware at home, and this isn’t really the case of everything else. We agree, Google cannot do much at that level, but he can try to make its product more interesting in developing other aspects, let Google surprise us.

Google Home is an interesting gadget to play 5 minutes, but not to the point of wanting to buy

what do you think?

The Google Wizard is interesting (insofar as we appreciate Google, well of course) but as explained previously it is not available in french so for our market crowing is not ideal. So first step 2017, he might start by offer us Google Wizard in french in order to exploit the potential of Google Home and be able to buy the Pixel.

Of course, Google also many applications, to name only two we can quote Google Duo and Google Hello, the latter was not really able to convince users both instant messaging market is complicated. It is likely propose us this year still new applications.

In short, Google has a lot on the plate. What do you share?

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