[Tutorial] secure all passwords with DashLane

DashLane, famous password manager, is being updated with a completely redesigned version 4.0. The principle of this kind of application is simple: you set a master password (the only one that will be not recorded), then enter those services you usually use (Google, Amazon…) to avoid having to re-enter them. To save all of your tickets, and even your personal papers securely, we will see together how to grasp the new version of DashLane.

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in this tutorial on DashLane password manager, you will see how:

– create an account DashLane

– record identifiers and passwords

– save personal papers (identity card, driving license…)

– save payment methods (credit card, PayPal account…)

– create secure notes

– use the built-in password generator

– secure still more application in the settings

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