[Tutorial] iRig au - turn my Android device into multi effects for guitar

Google catching up, compared with Apple, in terms of the real-time sound processing. Calvary for musicians wishing to make MAO via Android, the time of latency, with Android Lollipop, reach an acceptable level (less than 2 ms).

so manufacturers to make musicians who swear by Apple. New Binder accessories music and Android appear on the market. It is the case of the iRig au, kind of card external sound in the form of a box sold at €99.99.

once connected to your guitar via 6.35 mm jack, simply plug in, on the headphone, headphones (or enclosure). Thus, by linking it to your smartphone on which the app AmpliTube au turns, you simulate a variety of amps and effects.

iRig au: a rack of effects complete

the application associated with the case, AmpliTube au, offers 20 models of effects and amps for your guitar or bass. In-app purchases to bring the total to 43. In these, the user will find models of known amps (Fender Twin Reverb, Orange Tiny Terror…). No need to proceed to checkout for fun. Starting presets can be modified and then saved again on free sites. What to easily form my trip personally rack.

and for the demonstration on video, it’s just below!


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