[Tutorial] how to turn off auto-sync on Google Photos

Google Photos offers a quite attractive photos… online storage however, even uninstalling it, the latter will continue to synchronize your media, and so to save your photos and videos on its servers. Here’s how to get around this problem.

a case that rocked the planet Android. A reporter from the US site Nashville Business Journal realized, having tested and then uninstalled Google Photos, that the service continued to upload my pictures on its servers. After you have uninstalled the application then the photos he had used with the latter, the journalist found, after a new installation of Google Photos, that my photos were still stored on the service.

even after uninstalling Google Photos, the photos continue to be uploaded to Google’s servers. Unfortunately this synchronization effect of cluttering up the storage space of your Android device and raises again questions about the management of our data and personal files by the Mountain View giant. To work around this problem, you have two options.

Google is working on an update which would facilitate the choice for the user to synchronize its media or not.


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