[Tutorial] how to manage collaborative projects

working remotely, but always as a team. It’s easy with the right tools. Among them, hard to overlook Trello, one of the most effective project management applications which are. The principle is simple: after you have created a ‘table’ (project), you save your “maps” (tasks) in different forms (checklist, simple text, photo, video…), grouping them in ‘lists ‘. You optionally set a deadline for their accomplishment, knowing that each task can be assigned to one or more people and can be commented.

you get of course notifications warning the progress or the completion of a task, even on your Smart Watch (Trello is compatible with Android Wear). For a live chat, a chat system is present, while your project syncs in the Cloud for nothing lose progress, and everything found on the Web version of the service. Additional, useful especially for businesses, functions are available via a subscription monthly ($5) or annual ($45).


to share a table (project) with all users of Trello nearby 3 minutes, tap the three points in the top right of the project then share table Nearby . Touch share and allow function. This active Wi – Fi and Bluetooth, among others.

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