[Tutorial] how to manage collaborative projects

for a successful project led by several people, better is worth to organize. In this sense, Trello helps you plan all tasks to achieve and assign them to your co-workers. A very accessible pro tool.

it would be a shame to miss this project management application. The principle is simple: after you have created a table (your project), you save your tasks in different forms (checklist, simple text, photo, video…) and you optionally set a deadline. Each task can be assigned to one or more people and can be commented. Of course you receive notifications to be notified of advancement or completing a task, even on your Smart Watch (Trello is compatible with Android Wear). For a live chat, a chat system is present, while your project syncs in the Cloud for nothing waste of your progress, and find everything on the Web version of the service. Additional functions, particularly for businesses, are available through a monthly or annual subscription.

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