[Tutorial] how do not forget to send a SMS from happy new year

as incredible as it may seem, the number of SMS sent the evening of new year, (passage 2014 to 2015) last year, is down from the 2013-2014 transition.

However, this decline is relative. People turn to other means to wish another health happiness and best wishes. First MMS (it is always better to say it with a picture), then there are the tools of IM (Snapchat, Facebook Messenger,…). In Australia, one of the first countries to have celebrated the new year, the number of messages using these tools has leaped 300 percent.

If you’re loyal to the new year SMS, we recommend to use SMS Pro GO to succeed your group SMS sending. The app offers a bunch of tools to succeed your message for the new year. For example, you can plan your SMS new year a little after midnight to expect him to leave avoiding the niche in which networks will be saturated.

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