[Tutorial] how do I clear the history of its geographical positions

if there is a device that our smartphones have been able to replace brilliantly, it’s GPS (as long as you can plug in the car, we agree). The best-known navigation being of course Google Maps application, even if Waze (owned by Google) right behind him closely. But also practice it is, each use of GPS made in Google is by default saved on your account.

the advantage is that it allows the application to refine its routes and information issued by Google Now. The disadvantage is that Google knows where you are. Without lapsing into paranoia, it may be useful to not entrust this kind of information to external servers. For example if you don’t want your half know that you went into a store for him buy a surprise gift. The history of the positions can be disabled for all or part of the devices associated with the account. It is also possible to clear the entries. Understand that this has no impact on the functioning of the GPS. If you use Google Now on the other hand, cards based on your position will more appear.

Google Now no longer works?

If you use the Google location to display your home/work trip and vice versa via Google Now, disable the location history will stop these cards to work, even if geolocation is active.


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