THESE 2017: how Xiaomi sabotaged my first conference

on January 5, Xiaomi held a live conference of THESE Las Vegas 2017 edition. A first for the Chinese giant who obviously wanted to show what he was capable. Because this presentation which was very promising on paper has quickly been sabotaged by Xiaomi himself. Wobbly communication, no opening internationally, this conference has quickly turned to disaster.

xiaomi conference ces 2017

a conference for investors live

it was certainly one of the most anticipated conferences of the CES in Las Vegas. For the first time in its history, the Chinese giant Xiaomi would hold a live conference one of the biggest trade fairs in the world. Beyond the presentation itself, it was the symbolic dimension that raced all observers. Xiaomi would finally extend its influence abroad and enjoy the showcase offered by the THESE to hit hard.

But in the end, it was nothing. If the initial idea put us stars in the eyes, the execution proved to be very bad. As part of the conference of Xiaomi resembled a rough conference for investors . With the exception that it was broadcast on Youtube live streaming, as a public event. It’s been a long this conference!

The start of the conference held by the the international business manager of Xiaomi then it’s the great Hugo Barra, who came on stage. But her good head and my Californian English so nice to the ear will not enough to give pace to the conference.

Issue 2 of Xiaomi has for more than an hour this full range of products in the range, my philosophy, my achievements in China and some countries of the world, touting a broad and varied ecosystem. We really had the impression of seeing a company seeking to become known internationally for partnerships. Certainly, many Americans are not very open to the world, but it was perhaps not necessary either to tons. Or not to broadcast the conference.

Three new products but…

After about an hour of what seemed so at a company meeting, Xiaomi finally decided to introduce its products. Three “new” one that really marked the spirits. It’s mid TV 4, which was really the object of attention . I must say that Xiaomi played with our nerves.

The firm was first introduced a HD router which everyone cares, he must admit. Then the Xiaomi Mi Mix white announced . The Android smartphone had made an impression during my first ad in China, this time it comes to a new color. Not enough to ignite.

And then Xiaomi a tease a final product. The most anticipated of the conference we told Hugo Barra. Issue 2 of Xiaomi even lets play with our nerves by announcing a product “thinner than the iPhone” . It is expected a new smartphone, and there is the drama: the TV 4 Mi is announced.

No sense in our eyes the comparison with the iPhone. It is total misunderstanding for everyone. Under Android TV TV has some strong arguments, but it wasn’t the product expected, and certainly not with such teasing.

The product itself is spectacular with including the integration of a fully compatible Dolby Atmos system. And then finally, present a new TV to the THESE CAs a sense, all other brands do it. Observers have perhaps confused their expectations with the real objectives of the constructor.

These assumptions could be true if Xiaomi had not ruined my conference by announcing that the three presented innovations would be available only in China. an affront? If only… A real disappointment. Sabotage in good and due form.

China only

all for it. If we summarize the situation, Xiaomi took advantage of its first conference at the THESE for announce products that will not be sold outside of China . Among them, a Xiaomi Mi Mix that we know already, a router which everyone cares and certainly great TV but we could not afford (unless you are willing to pay 750 euros of customs charges for importing it).

Beyond the disappointment, one can wonder about the objectives of Xiaomi. The brand she simply sought a big stunt taking advantage of the influence brought by the THESE? It’s not impossible.

Another possible explanation, Xiaomi may have created the desire among consumers. Because at the time show the price, that is $ Xiaomi spoke, and not Yuan, as usual. A way of saying:

we’re Xiaomi. We make great products, and increasingly they are not expensive. Watch this smartphone, this router and this TV, you like them? You’re going to have to wait again.

Because let us remember, Xiaomi has well for project to expand internationally . And we expect an announcement of the kind last night. A phrase that would generate applause, type:

Oh by the way, all these products will be available in the United States and Europe! *-Hugo Barra, drop the f * g mic!

But we did not have this. We had a huge disappointment. Online sabotage. A bad joke? Absolutely not, because there is no doubt that all this was well calibrated.

Conclusion: “my ragequit gauge is 92% there!

We followed Maxim and me this live conference. As you all certainly, we expected this moment that would switch the conference. This moment where Xiaomi would put a big kick in the anthill, in this high-tech universe wise lately.

The Chinese giant is one of the few brands to be able to switch things up. He showed it with its Xiaomi Mi Mix which is a smartphone truly innovative , we like it or not. With this product, Xiaomi showed that he had the know-how and R & D necessary to create a unique, never before seen product on the market.

The manufacturer has it again yesterday by presenting my Mi TV 4, which is undoubtedly an incomparable television for its price. Because it is there Xiaomi shines in the excellent quality-price ratio . The firm is able to create the best while keeping prices contained.

Xiaomi: no profit on the sales of smartphones, but cares royally

that is exactly what would make a world of good to this sector of new technologies. A true surge. Because prices have climbed at a crazy speed, justifying with hardly admissible arguments. Yesterday, Xiaomi could show a wide audience what some fans already know. Unfortunately, the company herself miserably. what made tell Maxime, after the announcement of the TV 4 Mi, and rightly:

my ragequit gauge is 92% there!

No better.

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