THESE 2017: dates, conferences and expectations of the biggest high-tech fair in the world

you know: this week will be held on THESE 2017, one of the most important historical shows of the high-tech universe that brews a lot of innovations in many sectors of the market. Of course, smartphones and tablets will also participate. Here are the dates, conferences and what you can expect from the show during my own 2017.

2017 is about to start on hats wheel, and for good reason: celebrate the new year in the world of new technologies always starts by the THESE, or Consumer Electronic Show, one of the historical salons of the Middle who always brings a lot of new.

It is not only dedicated to the mobile as can be the Mobile World Congress, which will take place a month later, and will not necessarily give us the biggest surprises of the year.

But there is a living room to follow because it is where the best innovations themselves and forge the whole year, making that the most innovative concepts are often revealed on the show. Here is the information about the CES 2017.

THESE 2017: date and place

the show Consumer Electronic Show is held as is the custom in Las Vegas in Nevada. This year, he will officially open its doors from 5 to 8 January 2017 . Like many shows in the U.S., of the conferences, press however will take place before the opening of the show, which is dedicated to the handling of the devices unveiled earlier.

This is a trade show entrance there is therefore not free access for individuals. Innovations presented at it can be found in commercial products of the years later, offering him my status as an innovation.

THESE 2017: notable conferences

the ESC is not dedicated solely to mobile, and many brands that you’d not necessarily present are yet as representatives of the automotive and healthcare. Here are the notable conferences for the universe that interests us, with their French schedules:

snapdragon 835

Qualcomm: 3 January, 23 h 30

founder will be present at THESE 2017, and will have its own conference press scheduled January 3 at 11.30 pm precisely. Leaks want that it presents more detail the Snapdragon 835 , which will equip the majority of the 2017 high-end smartphones.

It could still hold us some surprises, since he is also present in the sector of photography with its dedicated chip.

Honor: 3 January, 23 h 30

of the same time, the Chinese automaker Honor will have its own conference. We already know that it will be presenting a new “epic” in my words smartphone, which would be equipped with a powerful double photo sensor in low light conditions.

We don’t know any more about the Builder, and it is likely that this reserve other surprises for the Mobile World Congress and the rest of the year. Maybe will present us the Kirin 970 of the same time, which would then face the Snapdragon 835.

LG: 4 January, 17 h

large Korean automaker will of course present at of the THESE, except that you should not expect to smartphones or tablets on my LG part tends indeed to introduce its new TVs and refrigerators during the event.

2017 being however the year where the foldable screens will become a reality in our daily products, perhaps he could use this to present a concept smartphone or tablet. But he was optimistic more than anything else.

TCL (BlackBerry): 4 January, 20 h

is probably one of the most anticipated events of THESE in the smartphone universe: TCL, become exclusive manufacturer of the BlackBerry brand, conference that will unveil its first mobile under license at this.

The manufacturer having promised innovations never seen before in the market , we we look forward to discover 2 BlackBerry smartphones that he has concocted. We hope many of these.

ASUS: 4 January, 20 h 30

the Taiwanese manufacturer is one of the few to dare propose new smartphones at the THESE, thus taking advantage of the absence of my comrades to make him talk. This year, it would present a first place a smartphone using Tango of Google , allowing a complex and advanced augmented reality.

Another smartphone would be present, as shown in the teasing from ASUS: Zenphone another using doubt Snapdragon 835 , making the brand would be the first to use this processor in a smartphone.

Samsung: 4 January, 23 h

as my comrade LG, Samsung will be present on the show… but most likely settle to present its new screens and its new appliances. The new Galaxy, officially unveiled , will be surely present on the show even, but it will wait for the Mobile World Congress for its big announcements.

One would hope, the same as LG, folding screens made their appearance, but it will probably be nothing: rumor as 2 smartphones folding ready Samsung do not come out until mid-see the end of the year 2017.

ZTE: 5 January, 1 h

because of a blunder in the constructor, we know exactly what awaits us at the conference THESE 2017: the presentation of the ZTE Blade v8, a phone see entry which will be equipped with a Snapdragon 435.

It will be equipped with a screen 5.2 inches in definition Full HD, 3 GB of RAM and Android 7.0 Nougat at the outset. Its high specificity will come from its double photo sensor rear, equipped a 13 MP sensor and another 2 MP sensor sensitive to the depth.

All will allow to capture pictures with 3D printing, although this is still very theoretical at the moment.

Sony: 5 January 2:

here again, the big name in the high-tech industry will probably not surprises to offer us on the mobile, future Xperia X of 2017 certainly waiting for the Mobile World Congress. We may, however, discover its new TVs, which are biased to Android TV.

It is also possible that the Builder talks about virtual reality, having released the PlayStation VR in the previous year. But in absolute terms, the topics that it will address will very certainly not linked, or far, mobile.

Nvidia: 5 January, 3 h 30

the president of Nvidia will host a keynote on January 5, which could be an opportunity for the founder and Builder present its new Nvidia Shield TV model, which would decline to 2 models.

It is also said that Nvidia would present on the occasion of the 2017 THESE new services for players, with a subscription offering games on a monthly basis to its subscribers and ever more efficient cloud gaming service. And of course, the new GeForce GTX 1080 Ti.

Xiaomi: 5 January, 19 h

after its first Mobile World Congress in 2016, the Chinese automaker Xiaomi opens its first conference at the THESE this year. Although it is probably not an opportunity to unveil a new smartphone, it will be probably in front the expansion of the brand internationally.

However, it is possible that it also decided to offer American buyers the mid Mix, the concept phone designed by Stark borderless Xiaomi who has created the story on the end of the year 2016. We do not know the program from the manufacturer in advance, and hope so good surprises.

Huawei: 5 January, 23 h

here again, the Chairman of Huawei will host a keynote on January 5. However, it is not dit as this presents the use of any device, the constructor for this CES 2017 still remaining quite mysterious projects.

We know in any case this keynote will be great in the future of the Builder, who is now to incorporate artificial intelligence to its wrapper and will do its first virtual reality this year also sees the objects connected as the market future.

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