THESE 2017: comprehensive summary of the best ads!

The Consumer Electronic Show is one of the most important high-tech event of the year. The show, which takes place in Las Vegas brings together each year the largest players in the sector of new technologies. In 2017, the builders did not wait the opening of the show to make their announcements. You a little recap of the best ads.

ces 2017 recapitulatif

the CES 2017 began earlier than expected this year. While the show opens its doors formally today to the general public, many brands have already attracted attention to them by announcing their new products in advance. A practice that starts to spread to the approach of the great salons.

Las Vegas, Samsung, LG, Sony, Honor, Blackberry or even Xiaomi held conferences announcing their new products for the new year. For some it was an opportunity to unveil new products, for others, to expose their battle plan for the beginning of the year 2017.

The most noticed ads include the false presentation of the latest Blackberry smartphone, whose official name is not yet known. It’s my partner TCL, who took to unveil the new smartphone without giving more information on the data sheet or the price. All we know is that it will integrate a physical keyboard. More information to come probably in the MWC in Barcelona.

Xiaomi was also awaited , and even if the Chinese failed, he had noticed in the United States with its new Android TV, the TV 4 Mi. Finally, among what was most interested, we fans of smartphones, it should be noted the Mirabook, a system allowing to turn your smartphone into laptop.

It is of course a few examples of products announced. And if among products and services discovered some belong to brands, others are born of creativity and the work of small start-up companies. It should be noted also that the has French Tech is particularly present this year.

Finally, it is important to note that among all these products (and those forgotten) some will probably experience some success and will become part of our daily lives. But others fall into oblivion for various reasons (not successful products, bad timing etc.). Whatever it is, you just summarized you here . THESE good, 2017 at all!

As we mainly focus on the universe of the smartphone, we also invite you to consult complete summary of THESE 2017 , with all the ads, whether it’s TV, PC or fridge that shop before you have eaten.

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