THESE 2017: all new announcements

what is the ESC?

The Consumer Electronic Show is one of the biggest high-tech trade fairs in the world. It takes place typically every year in January in Las Vegas and this for more than 40 years. The THESE focuses only on technological innovation in electronics.

Thus, the event brings together professionals, journalists and individuals. Near 200 000 square meters of exhibition space are available! Last year, they are more than 3,600 exhibitors from 140 countries who were present.

What can I expect?

If you follow the news, you’ve probably heard that the France is more and more in the spotlight in the THESE. According to some information, at least 220 French companies will have their own stand. 25 of them have also been selected for the “Innovation awards”.

Ourselves well of course the classical subjects of the Android shows: smartphones, tablets and maybe even smartwatches. That said, other more modern themes expected to join the festivities: drones, devices connected (to the House), cars connected, connected accessories (including the sound material in Bluetooth) and perhaps even to new RV accessories.

AndroidPIT IFA 2016 ehang drone 2182
new drones will be probably presented. © AndroidPIT

Asus: new ZenFone

Asus came on stage to present two new devices.

3 Zoom


Zenfone 3 Zoom is a smartphone for mid range created for those who love photography. At the front, we have 13 megapixels IMX214 from Sony for a f/2.0 aperture sensor, rear we find two objectives of 12 megapixels. Since the software interface, you can zoom 2.3 X optical. We find an optical image stabilizer and SuperPixels technology. According to Asus, the device should be more sensitive to light than the iPhone 6 Plus.

5000 mAh battery can supply 5.5-inch screen that works with a Full-HD definition. Under the shell, we find the processor Snapdragon 625. Zenfone Zoom 3 should be available from next month, but the price is unknown yet.

Asus Zenfone3 Zoom
this smartphone is dedicated to photography. © Phonearena



as expected, Asus took the opportunity to present the Zenfone AR, first Tango smartphone compatible with Daydream VR world. Through a series of sensors, it is able to analyse the space, depth and movement.

The device uses a 5.7 inch with a definition QHD AMOLED screen. Inside, we find the processor Snapdragon 821, which is accompanied by 8 GB of RAM. Regarding the potential picture, we find a sensor of 23 megapixels at Sony, as well as an opening f/2.0 as well as two sensors to detect movement and depth. The front camera is 8 Megapixels and has a LED flash. The OS is Android 7.0 Nougat, the battery has a large of 3300 mAh. The smartphone is expected to be available for sale from the second quarter of 2017.

Asus Zenfone Ar
tango and Daydream are waiting. © Asus

Honor: Honor 6 X enters the international market

Honor caused a sensation by presenting its new smartphone: the Honor 6 X. It was introduced in China in October and will soon reach the European market with a price enticing 249 euros. The entry-level market is all upset by this phablette, with its double camera it will certainly find many acquirers. You’ll find more information by reading our full review.

Huawei: confirmed

the CEO of Huawei, Richard Yu, took advantage of THESE to give my vision of the smart smartphone. Smartphones with artificial intelligence must be considered to be such that they allow a connection between the digital world and the physical world. The manufacturer also announced the arrival of the 9 Mate on the American market. The brand has shown my interest in the Internet of things (also known under my English name: Internet of things) so we can expect to see more and more connected objects happened to. 

HTC: reinforcement for the VR

HTC put both feet on the area of the RV with my HTC Vive. Perhaps we will see a new version of this helmet? It is still uncertain, but it is likely that the subject back on the carpet, not what to announce a feature in future models.

LeEco: he takes Android on a bike

the ESC is not understood for smartphones and LeEco. The manufacturer has submitted to Las Vegas two electric bikes that use an operating system: Android 6.0. They are called the Smart Road Bike and Mountain Bike the Smart and consist of a carbon fiber chassis, offers access to Maps records the data of road, plays music and communicates with the surrounding LeEco smart bikes. Regarding the technical characteristics, these bikes use a processor Snapdragon 410, a battery 6000 mAh, a GPS, an accelerometer, a barometer, a compass, a speed sensor and IP54 certification.

leEco bike
LeEco bikes running Android Marshmallow! © LeEco

the price of these bikes is still unknown yet. What is certain, is that they will be available for sale in the USA in the second half of the year 2017. They emerge in Europe?

Lenovo: the New Glass C200 arrived

Lenovo stepped forward to augmented reality. The Chinese giant is inspired by Google Glass to design the New Glass C200, augmented reality glasses that have however only professional vocation. The concept is simple: it uses augmented reality technology and combines it with artificial intelligence.

lenovo new glass
New C200 Glass! © Lenovo

this is a portable device that attaches to the head, one eye into the new reality. Of course, it must be connected to the smartphone to be able to operate. We still don’t know a lot about this device, the only certainty about my weight: 60 grams. Besides, it is not certain that this unit will come in our European countries…

LG: robots are in the spotlight

LG participated to the THESE since the beginning, so the South Korean manufacturer is of course present at the show. As we expected, it officially presented the Stylus 3 K range he had announced for a few days already.

Fashionable technology seems to be the intelligent robot who does office of assistant staff that the technology of the House Manager. Amazon has echoed Amazon, Google Google Home. LG seems to be interested in this technology with its new robots, including the Hub Robot that wants to be an alternative to the devices previously listed. It will allow to listen to music, create reminders, be informed of the traffic and the time… LG has already planned some robots that you can place in the House, it will be in some kinds of extensions that provide other functions.

lg hub robot 2
robots are featured on the side of LG. © LG

other robots were also presented and them also, addressed to individuals. Airport Guide Robot is a wizard who is able to speak 4 languages. LG will also present other robots, we don’t have a lot of details at the moment, but since one of them, Law Mowing Robot is created for the maintenance of your garden we can imagine they will have intended to help professionals and not to improve the comfort of individuals. Another, Airport Cleaning Robot, to clean up the airport.

Qualcomm: new hardware more powerful

Qualcomm is one of the manufacturers of the most famous processors. This year, a number of flagships proudly sported my Snapdragon 820 because it was Wonderland, only Huawei and Samsung (in its European version) were not used because they have their own home computer.

Qualcomm may revisit the Snapdragon 830: what is its potential? Worth compared to its predecessor? Can we associate it with QuickCharge 4?

TCL: a new smartphone should see the day

BlackBerry certainly renounced the manufacture of smartphones, preferring to turn to software rather than hardware, but this does not mean that we won’t see more phones of this brand. my partner TCL took over and introduced us when the THESE the “Mercury”.

This smartphone using a strange definition: 1620 x 1080. The screen is 4.63 inches, strange decision for today’s market where the screens are becoming increasingly large. But the biggest characteristic of this device is its physical keyboard. It runs on Android Nougat, has a USB type-C and a mini-jack. In theory, it seems to be pretty interesting, our test will tell us if it is in practice.

Xiaomi: Android TV, routers

we expected to see Hugo Barra on stage and announce that the brand opens international, but unfortunately this has not happened. The manufacturer introduced new devices for the Chinese market: the Android TV MI TV 4 (65 inches), the Mi Router HD and a Mi Mix white. The latter will also available on the Chinese market.

Vice president of Xiaomi, Wang Xiang, explained that “the THIS is an excellent opportunity to increase awareness”. and to “keep in mind that the THESE is not a conference on the US market, it is an international conference during which it makes sense to introduce products for the Chinese market and other countries”.

Mi Mix exists in white, but only in the Chinese market. © GSMarena

ZTE: hidden behind many mysteries

we know that ZTE will be present at the THESE because she has even launched one contributes to fund the trip and the hotel to several people. That said, it’s the only concrete element that we have on the subject! What is ZTE will present on this occasion?

The presentation of a smartphone is not yet certain, but it is likely that the brand presents various connected accessories.

Of course, other manufacturers such as Samsung and Sony will also be present, but it is unlikely that it presents something truly revolutionary at this event. What about Huawei and others? The future will tell us, we update the article as soon as we have more items. Several new features could also be announced for cars.

What do you hope to see on of THOSE?

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