The ZTE V7 Lite Blate test: compact, attractive and affordable

faced with the worst crisis in its history, the Chinese manufacturer ZTE strives to stay on the front of the mobile scene. The Blade V7 Lite is a more modest version of the V7 Blade but offers an identical design. Positioned below the 150 euros, this entry/mid range smartphone is elegant and powerful while remaining affordable. What is the competitor of the Honor 5 X or another P8 Lite? The answer in our full review.


  • light

  • good quality finishes

  • fingerprint

  • good battery life


  • software Interface

  • quite limited performance


ZTE Blade V7 Lite – Release Date and price

the Blade Lite V7 ZTE was formalized in February of last year when the last MWC. It is available at the price of 149 euros in two colors (silver or gray space) in a single version with 16 GB of internal storage and 2 GB of RAM. ZTE offers now a refund of 20 euros from January 1 to March 31, 2017, what makes the phone to 129 euros.


ZTE Blade V7 Lite – Design and finish

for a smartphone less than 150 euros, the ZTE Blade V7 Lite is a good surprise. It reflects the progress made in finishing these last years in the mobile phone industry. The Blade V7 Lite is not an aesthetically speaking original phone but it is not less elegant. Thus, he sports a pretty dress metal gray. One turns out surprisingly good quality and has nothing to envy for example the metal of a smartphone more premium. The feel is soft and Nice. ZTE does not give the impression to have made savings on material.

AndroidPIT zte blade v7 lite 3883
the metal from the Blade V7 Lite is good. © AndroidPIT

despite a ratio 68%, the V7 Lite Blade body/screen sports a particularly compact size (5 inch screen). The edges of the device are covered with glass 2, 5 d. The terminal seems light in hand and it is a pleasure to take in hand. The back of the terminal is smooth and rounded corners are successful, the volume buttons are positioned high enough to reach them easily.

AndroidPIT zte blade v7 lite 3903
the backlit buttons are not very visible. © AndroidPIT

in contrast to many of its competitors, the Blade V7 Lite offers a fingerprint reader on the back (which the speed is not necessarily the best). It is discretely placed below the camera back in the middle and offers also other features. The headphone jack is at the top, and down there a standard mini-USB port.

Funny thing, in the image of smartphones from Apple that features an message “Designed by Apple in California”, the Blade V7 Lite displays the message “Designed by MunichDesignCenter”. Not surprising when you know the proverb in Chinese: “the biggest compliment that we can do to its competitor, is to copy its success”. 

AndroidPIT zte blade v7 lite 3907
“Designed by MunichDesignCenter” © AndroidPIT

overall, ZTE has done a good job with its Blade V7 Lite since there is a stylish and well-finished smartphone for a very affordable price. I just blame the backlight of the capacitive buttons at the bottom of the mobile which is not powerful enough and can sometimes be confusing.

AndroidPIT zte blade v7 lite 3891
the sensor of the camera slightly. © AndroidPIT


ZTE Blade V7 Lite – screen

the ZTE Blade V7 Lite takes a screen 5-inch HD (720 x 1280 pixels) definition IPS, is 294 pixels per inch. With one such tariff, difficult to blame for not to offer Full HD definition. UEN if high definition may have penalised to him, its processor is quite modest and would impact its autonomy. In practice also, this definition is sufficient for the majority of uses. On some webpages not optimized, it may be necessary to zoom in but nothing to really very prohibitive for this rate.

AndroidPIT zte blade v7 lite 3898
the Blade V7 Lite screen is not perfect but he’s doing wrong. © AndroidPIT

the touchscreen responds quickly. Daily, 5-inch screen is bright but is not necessarily as good as can be a G4 motorcycle. The colors tend to pull the blue but it is a recurring feature on the slabs cheap LCD. However, Blacks are really deep for a slab of IPS. The brightness level is quite good also. 

The Blade V7 Lite offers to improve the display with MiraVision. You can select the picture mode you want (standard, bright, user mode). User mode gives you the ability to adjust the colors you like.


ZTE Blade V7 Lite – software Interface

turn to what is for me the only thing that really annoyed on this smartphone. If you used to read me on AndroidPIT, you certainly know that I’m pretty adept of the version of Android stock (the Pixel left for me the reference on Android). The Blade V7 Lite offers so one layer House. Unlike other Chinese mobile phones, this one is not as “invasive” as one might think. The changes are not as deep. The app drawer is obviously not present but the notifications menu and the settings are close to what can be found on a Motorola for example. 

AndroidPIT zte blade v7 lite 3901
Marshmallow is the part on the Blade V7 Lite. © AndroidPIT

no Android Nougat on the menu but Android Marshmallow 6.0. Nothing was disclosed about a possible update. Therefore remain rather cautious on this point. The bad news is that the latest security patch dated February 1, 2016…

Overall, the experience turns out to be quite pleasant. The fluidity is to go. Have only to be a little more patient for the loading time of some applications. The same goes for the loading of some pages or heavier content. Ditto for foodie games. Play Ashpalt 8 can be quite rude with a few jerky movements. The graphics chip Mali-T720 can fend but the lack of CPU power is obvious for some demanding titles.

androidpit zte blde v7 lite
there is no drawer of applications. © AndroidPIT

If you are not too demanding, the Blade V7 Lite will give you satisfaction. If you have just one mobile more upscale, you clearly feel the difference and this can disturb you.


ZTE Blade V7 Lite – performance

technical side, the Blade V7 Lite has a processor image MediaTek MT6735P, coupled to 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB (of which 9 are actually usable) of internal storage (memory is expandable by microSD card). Of course, and as explained previously, this isn’t a lightning war. We’re very far away from the performance of a high-end or even a good midrange. Mobile remains fluid for basic use. Once again, for 119 euros (ODR included), don’t expect miracles. For this price. It is already very good. A few years ago, it was unthinkable to be able to find such terminals at this rate.

The fingerprint reader is also correct. Sometimes you have to wait a bit but overall it recognizes very well your fingers. You can also use it to take a picture, go back to the previous screen, activate the torch…

androidpit zte blde v7 lite scanner
you can use the diigtales scanner to turn on other features. © AndroidPIT

in conditions of stress with gourmet games, phone meeting difficulties. Its graphics chip is not bad but

the results of benchmark tests show the general weakness of the terminal:

  • Geekbench 4.0 single-core: 420

  • Geekbench 4.0 Multi-Core: 1184

  • PCMark Work Performance: 1995

  • Google Octane: 2072


ZTE Blade V7 Lite – sound quality

appearances are always deceiving. No, the ZTE Blade V7 Lite does not speakers stereo but with a single mono speaker. It is located in the average of what can propose a smartphone of entry/mid range in 2017. There is a lack of power but it has at least the merit to avoid falling into a too metallic. Do not rely on the loudspeaker of the smartphone to watch a movie in the RER for example (anyway it’s rude). The good point is that it is located at the back of the terminal, which prevents to block with my hands when you play or when watch you a video.

On the side of telephony, the Blade V7 Lite out with honors. It is compatible dual SIM. both can receive calls but when you are in communication with one, the other is disabled during the call.

Finally, the headphone output of the smartphone turns out to be better. The overall sound is pretty clean and restores the music you listen to. 

AndroidPIT zte blade v7 lite 3890
the speaker of the ZTE Blade V7 Lite is located at the back of the smartphone and we downstairs. © AndroidPIT


ZTE Blade V7 Lite – camera

the ZTE Blade has Lite V7 to a camera main 13 megapixel with flash and a camera front of 8 megapixels with flash also. The photo experience, like many other areas for the phone, turns out to be average. It is not catastrophic, but it is not exceptional either. In any case, this is clearly not the best camera phone for an entry/mid range phone. 

In good conditions of brightness; the corners are slightly blurred, and the images lack a bit of sharpness. Colorimetry is however correct, as saturation or contrast. In low light, it is however very limit but rather well done flash my work.

AndroidPIT zte blade v7 lite 3905
the front 8-megapixel camera has a flash. © AndroidPIT

the front camera is in line with the back camera, namely enough average. However, it is enough to make some selfies.

You can get an idea with the pictures below.


ZTE Blade V7 Lite – autonomy

trough the hood, the Blade V7 Lite takes a non-removable battery 2500 mAh. Quick charging is not present but the smartphone has proved very fast during my tests. The HD screen fuel-efficient facilitates the endurance of the smartphone.

The smartphone is therefore more than a day largely in very intensive conditions. If you are a “small” user and you use the smartphone for just calls, SMS, Internet and a few videos, you will easily cross the course of the two days of autonomy. On the battery of PCMark benchmark, we have a duration of more than 9 hours with the brightness around 75% hours.

AndroidPIT zte blade v7 lite 3912
the digitiales scanner offers other features. © AndroidPIT

ZTE Blade V7 Lite – technical specifications

    • model:

    • not available

    • size:

    • $ 143.8 x 70.2 x 7.9 mm

    • battery capacity:

    • 2500 mAh

    • screen size:

    • 5 inches

    • screen technology :

    • LCD

    • screen:

    • 1280 x 720 pixels (294 ppp)

    • front camera:

    • 8 megapixel

    • rear cameras:

    • 13 megapixel

    • Version Android:

    • 6.0 – Marshmallow

    • internal memory:

    • 16 GB

    • removable memory :

    • microSD

    • Chipset:

    • MediaTek MT6735P

    • maximum clock frequency:

    • 1 GHz

    • connectivity:

    • HSPA, LTE, Dual-SIM, Bluetooth 4.0

final Verdict

the ZTE Blade V7 Lite turns out be the perfect companion for anyone who wants to buy a smartphone without breaking the Bank. The smartphone features a design attractive, easy to learn and fun to use on a daily basis.

the perfect companion for anyone who wants to buy a smartphone without breaking

then, certainly, my performances are very average, my camera is quite limited, its interface is not the most successful of the Android smartphones and updates tracking leaves to be desired. But for less than 150 euros, it is difficult to be too demanding. As the finishes are of quality and its autonomy is a very nice surprise. 


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