The update of Pokémon GO 0.53.1 prepares the second wave of Pokemon

the last update of Pokémon GO does not bring much, at least in appearance. Fans have explored the code to discover all the secrets of the update, which announces the next wave of Pokemon.

the last Pokémon Go update brings improvements to version Apple Watch of the game, but also a “follow-up to distance changed to take better account of the excesses of the GPS. It is in any case that displays changelog of the 0.53.1 update. But The Silph Road , an expert community on Pokémon Go, studied the code of the APK to discover all of the contributions of the update.

new movements and objects of evolution

after carefully reviewing the code of the APK, The Silph Road has identified 38 new moves, which are likely to serve the Apple Watch version for the fighting of the . According to the site, such as the names and the assets are already deployed through the update, it would take a simple activation on the server side for these animations are available for players.

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another point which arouses the enthusiasm of The Silph Road is the discovery of particularly evocative names in the code. These names suggest that the objects of developments invariably will appear in the future, possibly at the same time as the second wave of Pokemon. Apart from names, nothing in the code to see what these elements will look like. With these objects, new mechanics of developments will appear.

a new section and new forms

a new section ‘News’ will make its appearance in the next updates. As the name suggests, this section will bring together information on the game, recent updates, all in a more accessible way.

it was already confirmed that weird will be part of the second wave of Pokémon Go . But this update informs us that the Pokémon may appear in its 28 different forms. New avatar customization objects are also present in the code of the update. It is unclear if all of these will arrive in a same update or if they will be implemented as and when. We however see Niantic continues to make substantial content on my flagship, regardless of its popularity game.

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