The secret codes for Android to open the hidden menus

all of our Android devices have hidden menus. Away from hide shameful secrets, the latter can explore functions generally reserved for manufacturers, or operators wishing to change a specific (such as the frequency, etc…) setting via specific codes.

Android codes secrets

for a single user, the interest is often minor but hackers that we love so much discover bowels of our precious jewellery technology. It is in this perspective that we offer a guide to the main secret codes for Android devices.

List of the main secrets Android

before ‘fun’ with all these little wonders, a few small details usage. Be aware that some of these commands may change the behavior your Smartphone while others may simply erase all data of the unit (Full Reset randomly and assimilated function). Further note that these codes are functional devices Samsung, LG, Motorola, HTC, Sony and other brands

on the other hand, codes sometimes depend on smartphones used , and even versions of the operating system installed. We have tried to compile so-called ‘universal’ codes but all will not work on your device. Feel free to send us your comments in the comments. Last Council, backup your personal data , history to avoid any disappointments.

To use it, nothing more simple, just open the phone calls application and of type codes as if you numérotiez a phone number. Execution should be done in the aftermath. If nothing happens, it is that it doesn’t work on your device.

Codes + Descriptions
Code Description
* #* #4636 #* #* to view various information about the phone, the battery, and the Wi – Fi

* #34971539 # gives information about the camera of the device
* #2663 # gives the information touch screen of the device
* #1234 # or * #44336 # know the version of the firmware (this which is displayed in ‘Settings’-> ‘about phone’-> ‘Build number’)
* #06 # gives the IMEI number, it is the ID of your phone, like the IP address of a computer

* #232337 # know the MAC address of the device, is the identifier physics stored in the component that manages the network SAMSUNG part
* #232338 # the address MAC WLAN of my unit
* #* #8255 #* #* shows the GTalk service

phone (SIMLOCK) network blocking

* #7465625 # check

Codes to test key components

the following secret codes are used to perform testing of components your Smartphone or tablet. It is mainly diagnostic tools, intended to identify the origin of malfunctions. These commands can be useful for after-sales service or a manufacturer repair service.

proximity sensor test


device configuration menus

Code tests the material
Code Description
* #0 * # test the screen and the speakers of the unit
* #* #2664 #* #* performs a test of the touchscreen
* #0283 # realize loops between the microphone and the speakers
* #0588 # unit
* #0228 # poster Statistics of the battery (found also with the code * #* #4636 #* #* above)
* #0289 # plays a melody of test
* #0782 # indicates the date and time set on the device
* #0842 # performs a test on the vibrator of the phone
* #0673 # test part (MP3) sound unit
* #0011 # displays the basic GSM phone
* #4777 * 8665 # test the GPRS and the

the following codes are this time some very specific settings of your smartphone or Tablet Android, to test with caution :


Codes for the parameters
Code Description
* #782872 # Qualcomm USB mode toggle
* #726872 # toggle USB mode standard
* #197328640 # Code for the debug mode
* #2470 # turn on or off the beep when taking photos with the native application
* #78 # displays the menu of the administration of the Samsung device settings.

This last batch is probably the more sensitive this folder, but as you have followed all of our recommendations at the beginning of file, you won’t nothing serious. Neither me nor Phonandroid will be responsible for any problems that had arisen as a result of the use of these codes.


Codes for the system
* #9900 # recover the system (RAM, kernel, modem) logs in files.
* #273283 * 255 * 663282 * # copy all of multimedia data (pictures, sounds, video) SD card memory internal
* 2767 * 3855 # performs a “full reset” unit (erases all data)
* 2767 * 2878 # performs a “custom reset” unit, which resets all the settings of the phone but does not erase saved data
* 04 * CPA *. NP * NP # allows you to change the code PIN from her phone or Tablet


among these small codes, it is likely that only a handful will be functional. Indeed, according to builders and the Roma installed, some are active or not. It is impossible to answer with certainty on this issue without having tried before on its own. We wish you a good test.

Do you use some of these codes with your smartphone, or would you prefer to go through the more intuitive menus?

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