The roux would be entitled to their emojis... but not before 2018!

this week, the Unicode standard technical Committee meets at Apple to make an important decision: How does implement one or more red emojis within the Unicode standard? A question that may seem simple, but which is actually much more complex than that.

in the world, we believes that redheads make up 1 to 2% of the total population . What gives still 150 million men and women with this beautiful color of hair, not to mention the artificial colorations. Unfortunately, there is no emoji in their likeness, so that we find more and more from emojis of diversity , whether in terms of color of skin or hair color. She is far when all emojis had skin and yellow hair!

a question that goes back to 2015!

the question of redheads arises since Apple introduced different colors of skin and hair with iOS 8.3 in 2015. The grumbling of the roux on social networks was heard, since the Technical Committee of the Unicode standard has promised to seek a solution, in letter summarizing the various possible technical solutions. This letter is very interesting, as it shows the complexity of change emoji .

five possible solutions

there are altogether 5 different solutions, from the simplest (adding a red man and a woman with red hair) to the more complex (ability to view each emoji with red hair) to the comical ( show the blond man and the blonde woman in Venetian blond ). Of course, each solution has its advantages and disadvantages (such as having to create in many new emojis unsupported by the current terminals) and this week at Apple meeting should decide .

so wait to know if the roux will have the right to a small single emoji, or if they will be able to see themselves on a surfing, dancing or even giving lessons and play basketball! Fortunately we have the emoji in the mobile world, the news would be much less interesting!

not roux before 2018

the Red emojis could land on the mobile terminals by 2018 , but it will first wait for Unicode 10.0, planned for mid-2017 and especially waiting to find out if the Technical Committee accepts the request. The Unicode 10.0 update will integrate to many new emojis, broccoli to the vampire through the Hedgehog and even a… T Rex!

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