The official PC Raspberry Pi N ° 1: first review 100% Raspberry Pi in France

for years Let’s disappear us the one after the other (too) many technical magazines that had yet rocked our minds and project wishlist…

then when a new journal was born, it is a pleasure to welcome him into our world of personal computing, especially when she devotes its pages to our favorite toy: the Raspberry Pi!

is a quarterly magazine. This number 1 that you will find at your Newsagent will cover the period from January to March.

I already presented publications of idpresse as Pirate [Informatique] . It is more particularly to Benedict Bailleul (pictured right) that we need this number.

Benoit, to tell the truth you, was not born in a cabbage! NaN… It is in a central unit that he saw the day 😉

seventeen years he is involved in the computer press. At idpresse it is more particularly responsible event coverage (special series like this and exceptional supplements) dedicated to the world of the Internet and information technology.


the writing Pirate technology and the Pirate records is proud to present the only francophone magazine entirely dedicated to the Raspberry Pi: the official PC – Raspberry Pi.
When we looked at the press specialized in this field, we came across magazines dedicated to experts, others who spoke not only of the Raspberry Pi and still others who flood the kiosks of journals ‘ copy – paste ‘ sold a fortune with that poorly designed or poorly translated content (follow my eyes…). We are therefore left in the idea of offering an accessible magazine (for Windows and Linux user), with the contained unreleased and that everyone can afford without cracking its ELP (€7.90 for 84 pages large format, without advertising).

we hope you have as much fun to discover that we had to realize.

this magazine will have its own mailing-list in the future. If you want to be informed of the next releases, here is what happens:

to Summary

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you will find:

  • how to get started with your Raspberry Pi: presentation of the Raspbian system the different models with benchmarks.

  • complete projects: weather station, radio transmitter FM, SMS, film in “stop-motion” server, etc. Programs are available for download via a “short” link

  • go further: Raspi-config, SSH and overclock the Raspberry Pi 3

  • Selection of equipment to improve the experience

  • Introduction to robotics

  • tips to get by…

a little advertising

new features… There’s my book 🙂


If you select ‘Overclock’ in the menu raspi-config, you’ll get an answer that tells you that this Raspberry Pi cannot be overclocked. Not possible? 😀 Here you will know how to improve the performance of the raspberry (at the price of a most important warm-up and probably of a decrease in life expectancy).

this use of the Raspberry Pi, transformed into a FM transmitter, has created many controversies about its legality. Beyond this limitation, it is an excellent article on the possibilities of the Raspberry Pi that you can’t imagine at first 🙂

Debian + Raspberry Pi = Raspbian. This article explains how to create my card micro SD with Raspbian and start with this environment: Interface Pixel, frenchify the interface, overclock the raspberry and allow SSH, use a USB or even to install additional programs…

has properly speaking, Raspberry Pi has no BIOS. However at the start, the system retrieves its configuration information in a text file. raspi-config to set number of functions.

in this article on the Raspberry Pi 3 you will find a detailed presentation of the latest version of raspberry, a comparison of different models as well as the necessary equipment to start.

the Hat Sense is the card that works (in duplicate) on board the International Space Station (ISS °. You can learn more about its possibilities and the uses that we can do, even when we’re stuck here on Earth. For example to make a connected weather station?

most of the robots used by lovers rely on actuators. Learn more about these essential components of Robotics and understand how a Raspberry Pi can fly, to read this article.

business or individual will be able to take advantage of this application that allows to send automatically SMS. Based on the raspbian-france raspisms software, this article shows you how to put this technique in place on a Raspberry Pi.

in many applications, the Raspberry Pi is “remote-controlled”. In this case no need for keyboard or screen, it’s SSH you dialogue with the remote Raspberry. You can learn more here!

AirPLAY allows Apple users to share their content. It is possible to configure a Raspberry Pi to turn it into a cheap receiver.

the Raspberry Pi makes the very affordable stop-motion technique. Move your items or your characters, the Raspberry Pi is responsible to take the images and create the film!

and to finish off, the microfiches for answering questions that you ask (or ask 🙂)

new, all beautiful! The very interesting 84 pages of this new magazine will allow beginners to start smoothly. More advanced users will find projects they can implement and adapt to their needs.

you can only wish long life to this new journal that talks about the raspberry. The availability of online programs is more significant for those who do not want to re – enter the programs. For the ZX81 and other ordinosaures doing time, it is a good method to understand and learn.

download a program, it will work. You’ll be happy but you get nothing learned. Enter the program tsss… what a waste of time in an era where everything is available online! Well yes but you décortiquerez the program by returning to the keyboard. Even better: you will do to correct errors that will force you to understand, search… And that 🙂 is the right way!

good post you do well you like… But you will know 😉

If your Newsagent does not have the magazine, simply ask them to order you copy with the number of codification L16424

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