The new Sony Xperia XA (2017) appears in video

the Xperia X range has emerged during the 2016 MWC in Barcelona. It’s in the same city that Sony is expected to unveil next year a new generation of devices and among them is the new Xperia XA. At first glance, it will be named “Xperia XA (2017)”. Latest rumor in date: the smartphone appears in image.

like usual, Sony renewed its high-end smartphones every six months. In February 2016, we have thus seen a new Xperia X range which at IFA 2016 last September saw a profound overhaul of design with the Xperia XZ.

Sony Xperia XA (2017): design

a picture of what is supposed to be the device appeared on YouTube. She shows us a smartphone with interesting, apparently metallic design. We find the pure Sony since it is a rectangle of angles, but the joins between the front side and the slices are slightly curved in order to present a better grip. 

What meets the eye, it’s the body/screen ratio, which overall is pretty bad: If borders are the absence on the sides they are huge on the upper and lower parts. For the rest, we find the objective of the front camera on the top, to the left of which probably the speaker (covered with a scotch). On the right side, we find well obviously the power button, on the left edge location SIM/microSD card. At the rear, the objective of the camera as well as its different sensors are located in the upper left corner.

Sony Xperia XA (2017): software interface

in the video, we can see that the smartphone uses the version of Android 7.0 with the January security patch. Of course, the phone uses the interface Xperia UI, great classic of the Japanese manufacturer. Of course, the video does not get an idea of the quality of the system.

Sony Xperia XA (2017): camera

we do not know much about this camera, if it isn’t the rear lens is 23 megapixels. As you know, the quality of the pictures is determined by a number of other elements, the number of megapixels alone is not significant.

Are you curious to see what Sony will present in 2017?

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