The new beta of WhatsApp improves notifications under Nougat

WhatsApp will finally take advantage of the new notifications Panel that offers Android Nougat to have an overview of my conversations and respond even more quickly.

Google has already presented its new notifications system completely overhauled with Android Nougat several months ago. However, WhatsApp notifications did, they, not have been optimized to adopt these changes. It’s now done. The messaging application now has full support for Android Nougat notifications with version beta of February 13, 2017.

a visibility on all unread messages

WhatsApp does not evolve lately and records even records . Now you can view all unread messages a same conversation and either only the last message. All recent messages in a conversation will be displayed which was not the case so far. The big advantage is that your quick reply message will not go when you receive a new message in the same conversation which was, let’s face it, rather frustrating.

also, if you receive several messages from different conversations, you can reply to each of them individually as they are unbundled. Remember that the grid of the notifications is available on the dedicated component, but also on the lock screen. It must however return its password or even put my fingerprint to answer calls if the phone is secure.


WhatsApp version 2.17.13 for Android is available via the Google Play in closed beta, but it is not possible to test this version in France at the moment unless you download APK. According to Android Police, the update could affect 7.0 Android and Android 7.1 for smartphones, but also compatible devices Android Wear .

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