The most popular password is 123456-still - new GIMP in the year 2016 and update for Debian [Full Guide]

since I currently have no time and little desire to write news, every day I’m trying a different approach. I try to give an overview two times per week. Rule to always Tuesday or Wednesday and Saturday or Sunday… or how it fits me just time in the stuff. Let’s see if this works or not. In the end, I want to achieve more time for more meaningful to have projects (in contrast to the fast-paced world of news) and myself. I feel at the beginning of the year something keen to experiment, even if I must cure a decent cold once after camel race . I want to treat my hobbyhorses also continues to more fully and promptly. Surprised anyway somehow the password of the year 2016 and somehow not.

most popular password 2016 is 123456

Hochscherheits – password 123456 leads the list still. A total 10 million passwords were analyzed and more than 50 percent make the top 25.

of course, variants such as for example 123456789, 1234567890, and 12345678 are also included. At least the corresponding password is then a bit longer, but still pretty pointless.

password 18atcskd2w a funny break seems to be. The security expert Graham Cluley says that these accounts are bots. They were possibly used for spam purposes. The password is 1q2w3e4r5t Although some more creative, but still not sure.

Passwort - 123456 - was sonst?

password – 123456 – what else?

somehow, it is very surprising that people in the year 2016 always still a password such as 123456 insert. On the other hand, people are bequemlich. Even if you have a complex password, it is a weakness if you are using it for all accounts. I personally use the password manager KeepassX . The software brings also a password generator with it.

learn more about password of the years 2016 there’s this report in .

laptop mode tools 1.7.1 with innovations

who used a notebook, which is grateful about every little saving of energy. Under Linux, you’re either using TLP or laptop mode tools. Various fixes to get the latest version of the laptop mode tools. There’s also control mechanisms for two more components, which can be also reduced the power consumption according to the release notes.

kbd-backlight using the software controls the backlight of the keyboard, if available. My InfinityBook has three levels in terms of keyboard illumination.

InfintiyBook mit Tastaturbeleuchtung

InfintiyBook with keypad illumination

support inst new vgaswitcheroo . Thus the unused can be notebooks with hybrid GPUs disable.

for openSUSE and Fedora, there are packages at GitHub . There is also the source code. Packages for Debian will soon appear in the unstable branch. For Ubuntu / Linux Mint I haven’t found anything right off the bat. They say probably at the moment even compile.

General tips on the subject of power saving and notebook you will find this post in .

Linux Mint 18.1 Serena KDE Beta

with some delay is now also Linux Mint 18.1 Serena KDE beta available. The Xfce version there is a while to test . You know many of the new features and improvements may already from the other 18.1 types . Under the hood, it looks there very much. At the system requirements the developers specify at least two Gbytes of memory. This is slightly different from the other variants, that to settle for less. For a modern system, that shouldn’t be a problem. In my InfinityBook I put 16 GByte RAM. You may have not enough RAM.

Linux Mint 18.1 KDE (Quelle:

Linux Mint KDE 18.1 (source:

plasma is new in the KDE version 5.8. Also Linux Mint 18.1 KDE based 16.04 LTS Ubuntu Xenial Xerus and is powered by the Mint developers for five years with updates.

1.16.1 MATE desktop is now available for Ubuntu Mate 16.04 to a

that developers of Ubuntu MATE with MATE 1.16 released , which works with Ubuntu MATE 16.04 Xenial Xerus PPA. In other words MATE you can install 16.04 1.16 now under Ubuntu MATE. The whole thing took so several months because the developers have extensively tested.

the packages in the PPA are based on those of the upcoming Debian 9 distribution stretch . Thus there are actually MATE 1.16.1 you want to update, then the triple jump is necessary:

 sudo apt-add-repository ppa: ubuntu-mate-dev/xenial-mate sudo apt update sudo apt full-upgrade 

now you start the computer new and MATE desktop 1.16.x should be usable.

the developers indicate that upgrade removes the packages mate-netspeed . The NetSpeed applet is not lost however, but mate applets is located in the package. Thus, no function is lost.

becomes mate-volume-control-applet.desktop during the upgrade of a question, then just press the Enter key.

the MATE version in the mentioned PPA is compiled for the most part against GTK2 +, compatibility with Ubuntu MATE 16.04 and the corresponding applets, plug-ins and extensions to ensure. But already, some applications have been ported to GTK3 +. These are:

  • Engrampa

  • MATE Notification daemon

  • MATE PolKit

  • MATE session manager

  • MATE Terminal

Calligra 3.0 is because

the Calligra suite is released as version 3.0. 3.x is based on KDE framework 5 and Qt5. Some applications are no longer included. Krita goes for example its own way, what but both sides amicably agreed. Author, Krita, brainstorm, flow and stage are also no longer. The latter two are to be incorporated in the future again, but do not wait at the moment.

are still Word, sheets, carbon and plan. Kexi is also part of the Calligra community, but pursues its own development plan. You can find the latest version at .

openSUSE leap 42.2 install

openSUSE 10 Windows and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server are 12 SP2 currently install on Windows 10. This is the case, if you use WSL (Windows subsystem for Linux).

a blog post describes how you can accomplish this. It is to replace the Ubuntu system enabled by default in principle about openSUSE or SUSE.

openSUSE und Windows 10 Hand in Hand (Quelle:

openSUSE and Windows 10 hand in hand (source:

why you want to use, is clear. If you do not completely got to like me on Linux, you can use both systems at the same time. You need no virtual machine or need to handle a dual-boot system to me.

one thing bothers me tremendously on the blog post. The first 50 percent of the post praises SUSE / openSUSE over all others and it was unfortunate that Microsoft will activate the wrong Linux by default and it is time to use the right stuff . Do you that SUSE really necessary? Yes, I’d regrettable case that.

incidentally also Arch Linux can be with WSL .

KDENLIVE 16.12.1 – also for Windows

with KDENLIVE 16.12.1 there is a new version of the non-linear video editor. It is the first maintenance release of the series 16 There are the usual bug fixes and actually nothing justifies a great announcement – maintenance version would be just.

However KDENLIVE 16.12.1 is the first version, which is available as a Windows port. If you want to use it, you need to install however separately FFmpeg. Further instructions can be found on the download page .

there is a PPA for Ubuntu with the latest version and also an AppImage for Linux. Thus, no one has an excuse not to be able to use the software. OK, maybe you need even a video editor… 🙂… another excuse is, that the AppImage at the time of 16 January 2017 is broken. The developers want to provide a working version as soon as possible.

security update for Nextcloud

that developers of the Nextcloud have provided updates for versions 9, 10 and 11 at the disposal. Nextcloud 11.0.1 brings about two Dozen fixes to dealing out CSPv3 support with safaris. In addition, LDAP problems were cleaned up and there are fixes for calendar and contacts. You can find all changes and innovations in the relevant changelogs.

Nextcloud 11.0.1 ist da as

Nextcloud 11.0.1 is should grumble the upgrade when the write permissions, then helps under circumstances:

 chown-r www-data.www-data/path/to/nextcloud / 

where is www-data the Web Server user. If you want to upgrade directly through the WebUI or can, then remains still the manual way. You can find the latest version on the project website .

Debian 8.7 is released the Debian project Debian GNU/Linux 8.7 gave out. It is the seventh update of the distribution Jessie . The developer to give that security and bug fixes have been incorporated in the first place. In detail, the developers of 87 bugfixes and 86 security updates have entered.

is no new version of Debian and you don’t have to throw away old installation media. Who regularly carries out online updates, is already on the State of Debian GNU/Linux 8.7. Still, there are new installation media, type. Who performs using these new installations, do not so much online upgrade. There are new images over the corresponding mirror .

GIMP: review and Outlook on 2.10

In 2015 has been the drop version GIMP 2.9.2 available. The 2.9.x branch leads eventually to version 2.10. The goal for 2016 was according to own statements, to bring the new features on front man in the first place and to fix bugs. For most users, the changes under the hood are not visible and that’s why it seems like the development would stagnate. Nevertheless, there are changes that are visible to users.

These include improvements in the layers, channels, masks, and paths. Levels can be for example just using CTRL + (C) and CTRL + insert V in other projects. Support for WebP, GEGL and improvements in the UI are also addressed.

very interesting I find that Tobias Ellinghaus has provided a plugin Darktable project, with the RAW files in GIMP by Darktable using edit / can be developed. To make this work, GIMP must be compiled with LUA support. Several RAW plug-ins are installed on your system there will be eventually an option, with which you can choose the preferred method. The combination of Darktable / GIMP works only with Linux or macOS.

also the color management has been improved and so on. Interested parties can find all new features and changes looking back for 2016 . The most reviews will be completed with a view and that is the case here, too.

in late January will meet the developers and discuss the further course. GIMP 2.10 comes probably still this year and brings with it support for 16/32 bits per color channel. Then, the developer will focus on the completion of GTK3 ports. Also, features such as non-destructive image editing are to be incorporated in the long term.

P.S: Øyvind Kolås works since mid-2000 on GEGL and 42 percent of the commit for GEGL and babl 50 percent delivered in my spare time. To make development faster, you can help him via Patreon .

you’re tails 2.10 RC test

from a release candidate of tails is immediately available 2.10 . There are some changes and new features compared to 2.9. Among other things, the developers have updated the kernel to version 4.8.0. OnionShare by Jessie back ports installed and the component gate controlport filter has been completely rewritten. Now can support the developers OnionShare in a secure manner. Tor has been updated to the new stable series to.

raspberry PI: compute modules 3

that has raspberry PI Foundation the compute modules 3 published. It’s a BCM2837 with it. In fact there are even two variants .

CM3 links und Compute Module 3 Lite rechts (Quelle:

Cpmpute modules (CM3) left and compute modules 3 Lite (CM3L) right (source:

Skype for Linux 1.15 alpha

Microsoft has another alpha version of Skype for Linux to the made available . The new features and changes are very clear. There is an update on electron 1.4.10 and you now have the ability to automatically open Skype with system startup. This launch at login is still so available that starts the application of reduced size. In the message area, there is a context menu with the options copy and Insert . Various bug fixes have also been incorporated. Who would like to test the alpha version of Skype for Linux, is DEB or RMP packages in the download area.

quirky Xerus x86_64 8.1.6

is the sister of Puppy Linux

quirky and there is an updated version of quirky Xerus 8.x. As the name suggests, quirky Xerus is binary compatible with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Xenial Xerus .

quirky Linux 8.1.6 x86_64 Xerus brings under other Linux kernel 4.4.40 and SeaMonkey 2.46 with it. The system is delivered as eight GByte image for USB flash drives or SD cards. You are installing on a SD card, the system for the first time offers a magnification of the partition, to take advantage of all the space.

actually, there are quirky Xerus also for the raspberry PI 3, or it was at least times as announced. Whether the current image also supports, is not in the official end of life announcement, but somehow is mentioned in the release notes . So I also like puppy and quirky to experiment, so confused I find always the announcements of your distribution. There is bound by Xerus after Slackware, then back to Xerus… I would not know the project, to find easily digestible information would I mess really difficult do me in the. I have even one puppy Firefox phone installed – so on the external SD card. Has made itself as totally pointless turns out to be, but still fun.

you can the latest version download here .

LXQt spin for Fedora 26 proposed

in the Fedora mailing list a separate LXQt was proposed spin , so that the thing will be officially. He should not replace the LXDE spin. As long as there is a maintainer for that, he should be developed spin LXDE. LXQt is the Association of LXDE-Qt and razor-qt.

Nice PI-constellation

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