The last two weeks in fast forward - many new toys [Full Guide]

because I myself took care in the last two weeks first and foremost to celebrations, friends and me, there’s a quick pass with interesting events. I do that to himself again to keep me. There are many digital toys, I can report on that. Let’s start with something readable:

full circle magazine #116

the full circle in English magazine is published as issue 116. Among other things, the authors deal with Python and Arduino, FreePascal, Inkscape, kodi and OpenRA . In the latter case, the classic strategy games are command & conquer / dune 2000 for modern operating systems fit made. As always worth a browse in the magazine, and as always, you are allowed the full circle Magazine free download .

Full CIrcle Magazine 116 ist da

full circle magazine 116 is as

kodi 17 krypton with RC

by kodi 17 krypton is available now a release candidate. Or a was quickly pushed RC2 , has created the problems under Android from the world. Of the functions is now no longer shaken, but there is only bug fixes.

the largest or most visible new features, of course, are the new themes estuary and Estouchy .

LibreELEC und Estuary: Serien

LibreELEC and estuary: series

continue to chorus is taken from now 2 as standard Web interface, if you want to control kodi via browser.

Chorus 2: Künstler (Quelle:

chorus 2: artist (source:

in kodi 17 there is also improvements in terms of music library and video player. Audio support is improved for Android. Who would like to operate kodi 17 krypton under Android, you need at least version 5.0 lollipop .

LibreELEC 7.0.3 – last version 7.x Jarvis

LibreELEC Jarvis v7. 0.3 MR is only a minor maintenance version , but also the last LibreELEC version of series 7.x. There will be another update for the Add-ons, but the basic system will not be updated. The developers focus already on LibreELEC 8.x. I use LibreELEC 8 alpha ( with kodi 17 krypton quite a while on a raspberry a PI 3 and have no problems with it.

who wants to take the plunge into Alpha water of LibreEELC 7.0.3, the can the update channel in the settings LibreELEC 8.0 set. Because it is a development version, you have to expect bugs however. As I said, everything works for me quite well. Maybe you do but other stuff, where there’s still corners and edges.

also for the fans of digital photos with Darktable 2.2.0 was

Darktable 2.2.0 with many new features

a big hit in the last weeks. The tools liquify Perpektivkorrektur and are likely to find new fans. In addition, the developers have divided the database, what the performance is good.

Perspektive bei Haus korrigiert (Quelle:

House perspective corrected (source:

for the first time it is also possible, is not Darktable-to use x 86 platforms. The developers have demonstrated the tool on a raspberry PI 3 (ARM64) with touch screen.

by the way: the developer of Magic Lantern have it , managed to elicit a lossless DNG a Canon camera.

new by Vivaldi

1.7.715.3 Browsers Vivaldi snapshot-version brings another nice feature with it. You may have friends to display the settings, whether the extension of the URL bar or not be visible. Who would like to have a cleaner interface, will certainly welcome this feature.

Erweiterungen sichtbar

extensions visible (source:

Vivaldi aufgeräumt

extensions visible (source:

this is of course a very nice way to take the extensions from the face of the user.)) I use extensions and run primarily in the background. Now, the browser is again cleaned up. Could cut off a slice of other browsers.

Inkscape 0.92

that have developers from Inkscape version 0.92 issued. There are many neat new features and improvements, such as the release notes is .

highlights include mesh gradients and many SVG2 – as well as CSS3 properties are now correctly displayed. You can also lock guides, so that they can be moved not by mistake. New path effects have also been incorporated. There are also perspective/cladding, mesh deformation, mirror symmetry and rotated copies. As well, spray can and measuring tools have been improved.

the developers demonstrate the new features in this video:

OpenMediaVault only as 64-bit ISO available

for OMV3 (OpenMediaVault), there will be only 64-bit ISO images for downloading . Who wants who needs a 32-bit version, a pick 32-bit Debian Netinstall ISO and then OMV3 install manually.

LanguageTool 3.6 for LibreOffice, desktop, Firefox and chrome — plus Google Docs

who is how I use the LanguageTool, estimated each new version. As of now, there are LanguageTool 3.6 . As always are available versions for LibreOffice, Firefox and chrome available. There is also a standalone version for the desktop and the version for Google Docs is pretty new. Some are usable offline, some online.

Was macht welche Variante?

what is the version?

Linux Mint Xfce 18.1 Beta

there is a beta version of Linux Mint 18.1 Xfce . who has already been waiting, can now at the trial play. The General changes are quite similar to Linux Mint 18.1 cinnamon and MATE . Relating to Xfce there interesting innovations, such as for example the whisker menu 1.6.2. You can search directly on specific sites. At Wikipedia, which works with ! w search term .

Linux Mint 18.1 Xfce mit Whisker-Menü 1.6.2 (Quelle:

Linux Mint Xfce 18.1 with whisker menu 1.6.2 (source:

steam’s Kuscheleien with Linux has great influence on Microsoft – game stuff in the truest sense of the word

rich money Empire was one of the first developers in terms of steam Linux. He writes on my blog, that he will never forget the contribution of faster zombies . Mr. steam, Gabe Newell, wrote large parts of this post even before my eyes. He was reportedly taken aback and annoyed at the same time that the team has not published this information. It was that OpenGL to D3D had the nose front.

the developers could have done at that time L4D2 Linux slightly faster than in Windows. However, there were other priorities. It more source-1 games should be made executable. Also, we wanted to support Intel with their open-source GL drivers.

Left 4 Dead 2: Schnellere Zombies unter Linux

left 4 dead 2: faster zombies under Linux

a few weeks after the information was published, there was a visit by senior Microsoft Developer secret . The post has fallen where, because thus the Microsoft leadership realized that it must continue to support D3D development. Therefore Linux was very influential, because it made some Microsoft bosses fire under the butt.

money Empire post confirms what many have always been suspected. Valve uses the Linux efforts as a sword of Damocles for Microsoft. Therefore may be expected probably in the future that valve has its own Linux expertise in a healthy condition. Now Cuddles too Microsoft with Linux . Why does no one know exactly… 🙂

Ubuntu phones put on hold

new smartphones with Ubuntu there will initially be none. The reason is , that everything on snaps to be converted. The old click format is explained according to dead . It is not yet clear how long the transition takes. An OTA-15 there will be no also. Security updates will still be delivered. Let’s see where this leads.

VPNSecure life

who looking for a VPN providHe is, who can see the provider VPNSecure from Australia. Currently, there are lifetime licenses for only $39 . I don’t know how long the offer is valid or whether there is only a certain quota.

Firefox Developer Edition for Flatpak

friends a well-maintained distribution independence likely to a version of Firefox for Flatpak happy . These are but only to the developer version. The Flatpak version is actually an unofficial version of the developer version. So more is no longer on the edge . At the moment, the software is located in any sandbox and has full access to the home directory of the user. In the future, the developers want to put the Flatpak version in a sandbox.

the developers have successfully tested the packages with Fedora 25, openSUSE Tumbleweed and Ubuntu 16.10. Allerdgings they speak also of corners, edges, and problems which are yet to eradicate it. You need at least Flatpak 0.6.13. Fedora 25 launches version 0.8.0 and openSUSE 0.6.14 with it. For Ubuntu 16.04, 16.10 and there are corresponding derivatives a PPA . In theory, the procedure looks like this:

 sudo add-apt-repository ppa: alexlarsson/flatpak sudo apt update sudo apt install flatpak 

then you need more GNOME runtime. After you get Firefox DE for Flatpak and open the browser in the connection.

 flatpak add-remote from gnome flatpak install - from flatpak run org.mozilla.FirefoxDevEdition 

a update runs as:

 flatpak update org.mozilla.FirefoxDevEdition 

and the uninstall process works as follows:

 flatpak uninstall org.mozilla.FirefoxDevEdition 

who would like to again remove the GNOME components:

 flatpak uninstall org.gnome.Platform flatpak remote-delete gnome 

who all want to undo , can of course also Flatpak uninstall again.

new job board

maybe’s friends already noticed that there is a new job market. In it you can find job openings from the areas of Linux, open source, databases, as well as mobile and Web development.

when a job or just curious you what’s happening on the market, in search of, then purely look easy. On the home page, there is a current overview of the job market as usual in the sidebar right every day.

Job-Börse auf der Hauptseite

job market on the main page of

Batman watching over me

also if the sunlight and leaves me with dramatic colors, I have no fear. Batman watching over me… 🙂

Das Sonnenlicht geht - Batman wacht ...

is the sunlight – Batman wakes…

by the way every now and again rather spectacular Dawn

how’s next?

end of next week there is an overview probably once again, because I am also this year again at the fabulous camel race in the Wadi Zalaga, doing and have to do otherwise even a few things. It was as a spectacle, I would like to be sure even once there. Today, it is however extremely cold and we expect freezing temperatures at night. We sleep in the desert and are what to pack everything, also just kinda hot looks. No matter, I am already huge forward.

Beim Kamelrennen kann ich mich mit anderen Spielsachen richtig austoben :)

in the camel race I can play me correctly with other toys 🙂

Nice PI-constellation

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