The family of Daydream grows little by little

little by little, Daydream makes its nest. This virtual reality platform had been presented last may at the famous Google I/O conference, but had to wait until November to see the potential with the helmet of Google, Daydream View. In the meantime, the water flows under the bridge and Daydream attracts more and more manufacturers.

Daydream is a platform that works with three elements: a helmet, a smartphone, (at least) an application. The downside is that the choice is very limited in all three areas. Fortunately, things are starting to change as other manufacturers are taking part in the adventure. Google has addressed the subject on my blog , explaining what manufacturers join the Daydream family.

Pixel and Pixel XL , pioneers of the era Daydream, have seen happen to other devices in this family, we can quote for example the Axon 7 ZTE (5.5 inches with definition QHD screen) or the ZenFone AR (5.7 inch with definition QHD screen) that comes straight from the THESE . Don’t worry, they are not the only ones since most of the manufacturers have announced that their next Smartphone will be compatible with the platform.

daydream google
the family is growing! © Google

it is likely that manufacturers will not a Smartphone only. It seems likely that each will offer headphones VR compatible, at least when the market is truly ripe, because there is no great interest to produce devices that will not be sold. Yet again to improve the application catalog so that users can really flourish with this technology, but it is only a matter of time.

Interested in virtual reality or it is a technology that has its place among professionals for you?

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