The disappearance of Cyanogen OS is a necessary for the ecosystem of Android

at the end of last year, Cyanogen has confirmed that that its most loyal users did not want to hear: my BONE and its services will be closed from December 31. It is obviously sad to see an operating system disappear and it leaves several questions unanswered, but I think it’s despite an evil necessary which should happen. 

are we interested in the months leading up to this sad event. The CEO Kirk McMaster has been replaced by Lior Tal, and Cyanogen did say goodbye to one of the pillars of Cyanogen: co-founder Steve Klondi. It seemed clear that something was going to happen and that the company would soon lead to new horizons.

Since the CyanogenMod builds and Cyanogen will disappear, companies using Cyanogen OS or CyanogenMod will have to adapt, for example by creating their own systems derived from CM. It was quite disconcerting to have a company called Cyanogen Inc., an operating system called Cyanogen OS and another still completely separate (but supported financially by the company) of the name of CyanogenMod. 

The first signs of concern

a way, the relationship between the company and its partner the most brilliant, OnePlus, ended far too soon since there’s only been one device. This also, with hindsight, would have been a first sign. A partnership with a young company that manufactures of the smartphone and trying to change the world of smartphones was a good idea, but the destruction of this relationship because of different visions if shortly after its creation was clearly nothing good.

Some will have to do what OnePlus did before, IE, create their own platform using Stock Android. It costs time and money, but it may appeal to the end user. Wileyfox started this project in the United Kingdom and Micromax could do also in India.

AndroidPIT rom cyanogenmod 1311a
goodbye, Cyano. © AndroidPIT

it is not to give up the project, CyanogenMod, resurrected under the name of Lineage OS, but the latter has still a long way ahead of him as the community will have to work hard to create this OS, especially since there is currently no real way to get funds. 

You may not have much enjoy it, but remove Google services (what a standard Android user directly associated with the heart of the system) is not necessarily a good thing for those who create devices and/or applications. Of course, if you go ahead, but there is no startup in the world who can really afford to refuse the benefits proposed by Google. Try to remove the company from its own operating system isn’t really a good idea…

In the long term, the disappearance of Cyanogen is a good thing

what do you think?

Only three months after putting my sites offline, Cyanogen Inc. said to offer a more modular approach to place its elements on other systems. We tried to contact them but we have not received answers.

There also have been changes internally: in addition to the layoffs an office closed in Seattle. As a company, Cyanogen was caught between two fires: search for profitability or remain faithful to its users. Now, he leaves on a new basis, and the trade dimension is quite different. As Lineage OS, it is not my responsibility.

Somehow, the disappearance of Cyanogen and CyanogenMod is a sad milestone for a company that has spent years to offer a different vision of Android users, but it may have even more choice and a user still experience more developed.

What do you think of the Lineage OS project? Do you find him one any interest?

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